Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Category: Music Venues

Region: Tempe


Henry Rollins is scheduled to perform on Thursday, February 18.
Marquee Theatre in Tempe
Upon hearing Henry Rollins perform one of his profanity-laden, loudmouthed spoken-word tirades on cassette, my then-middle-aged father adroitly summed up the former Black Flag frontman's blustering travelogues in one sentence: "He's just like Charles Kuralt, only with a dirty mouth." And that's pretty much the case. (Well, aside from the obvious difference in their respective delivery styles.) Much like the late CBS newsman, Hank the Tank excels in spinning long-winded tales about his non-stop adventures on the road. For instance, during his last tour through these parts, two years ago, the aging punker pundit blasted out humor yarns of braving the streets of Islamabad in the madness following the assassination of Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto, dealing with ginormous jungle insects in Asia, and interacting with white-trash Van Halen fans at the band's concert in Chicago. Expect a similar slice from the life of Rollins during this week's gig at the Marquee, typically mixed in with ribald opinions of the socio-political issues du jour and his battle with middle age.
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Angela Bennett
Angela Bennett

Project of Love From the Fans of Henry Rollins Thanks to HankWANTED: Personal stories from the fans, a.k.a, �fanatics�, of Henry Rollins. If Henry Rollins has moved you, inspired you to reach higher, helped you in some way, or just makes your life better by way of knowing he is out there, living art and inspiration, and you are willing to share your story in a future publication of Fanatic Stories of Thanks to Hank, please send your story!The target goal is to complete the project by February of 2011, Henry�s 50th birthday. All potential proceeds will go to the charity of Henry�s choice.Fanatic and novice writer, Angela Bennett, commented on the project, �Henry has made such a profound contribution to the lives of many thousands, perhaps even millions of people around the world. He is an inspiration to so many people regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic class. This is an opportunity for fanatics to share their stories with, and thank Henry.�During the first month of this project, fans and media are responding from across the world; from 15 year olds to 50 year olds, from the U.S. to Australia. It�s one thing to be a fan of a band, or an actor, but often it�s about more than that when it comes to Henry. Henry moves people, he is a catalyst in people�s lives. There�s a quote from The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property, by Lewis Hyde, that captures Henry well, ��the gift we long for, the gift that, when it comes, speaks commandingly to the soul and irresistibly moves us."People can contact Angela Bennett with stories, or artwork, at bennettangela@rogers.com, through the Facebook Group, Henry Rollins � Thanks to Hank Project, or http://open.salon.com/blog/ang.... Angela does not work for, or represent Henry Rollins, other than being one of many grateful fanatics in the global neighbourhood.

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