"At times, I have and do regret many negative instances or happenings in my life, and later really regretted it," he wrote in October 2008. "But it is far better that one, if he can't turn it positive, will be better off if he sincerely does what he can to push it out of his memory, so as to eliminate as much damage as possible.

"I do not like to hurt people!"

Nash's appellate attorneys portrayed him in recent years as mentally incompetent (and seriously mentally ill), physically crumbling, and generally unable to assist in his never-ending defense. (Nash, however, usually stayed on track in his letters, responding specifically and at length to questions about his points of view.)

Greg West was murdered in a 1982 robbery by career criminal Viva Leroy Nash.
Greg West was murdered in a 1982 robbery by career criminal Viva Leroy Nash.
Viva Leroy Nash
Viva Leroy Nash

Whatever the truth of Nash's various "conditions," it has to be considered a win for the defense that authorities never were allowed to execute him. (Phoenix attorneys Tom Phelan and Paula Harms were two of his most recent lawyers.)

But all that matters little, if at all, to Susan McCullough, who came face to face with evil so long ago, and somehow survived.

She contacted New Times shortly after learning of Leroy Nash's death Friday and had but one comment.

It was not about that awful November day when Nash ended a young man's life in cold blood, nor about what she has had to endure in her own head since then.

Instead, she expressed what she believes is in store for the late Viva Leroy Nash.

"He will have to face his ultimate judge today — God," McCullough wrote in an e-mail. "Not a jury, not me, not any person on Earth. And I feel that today, justice will be served."

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Tired of Liberals
Tired of Liberals

How can anyone say, with a straight face, that Viva Leroy Nash is not a poster boy for capital punishment?

If Utah or the Federal government had put him to death for murdering that postal worker, he never would have been able to escape, never able to murder Greg West.

75 years in prison. 75 years of tax money that could have paid for schools and roads, pissed away. Decades of time he stole from decent people.

Dig the dead son of a bitch up and feed his carcass to coyotes at least.


Whether he confessed Christ or not we will never know here on earth. Susan was right either way. He had his day of judgement. Whether he was judged and had the blood of Christ to cover all of his sins or judged and the Lord said depart for I do not know you, he stood before his maker either way.


Just remember that if he became a "Christian", confessed his sins and accepted Jesus as his savior, his sins will have been forgiven and he is right now in Paradise.

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