The order of protection against Rusty from his wife is probably a bunch of crap. I have been there, done that.

My ex-husband just put out an order of protection on me. In it, he said that I had threatened him, called him all hours of the day and night, caused harm to his car, and coerced my son into making a false police report about my ex beating him up.

I have done nothing to this man but try to co-parent our son.

I'm certain that Rusty and Mark Goudeau will prevail in their matters.
Name withheld

In more defense of Stuart and Goudeau: Let's start with Officer Rusty Stuart. A good cop who, time and time again, encountered Terry Wayne Smith on his beat. With high marks in performance reviews and not intimidated by the likes of Alex Femenia, he refused to join in the cover-up. Good for him! And what the hell does Rusty's divorce have to do with anything? Please!

Terry Wayne Smith is described in your article as a seriously mentally ill transient. Well, guess what? That is how some of the victims described their attacker — a crazy transient!

Smith is a violent man who has a rap sheet longer than this crappy article. He beat up a complete stranger at a bus stop, which you try to downplay. Unbelievable.

Goudeau a night-crawler? Goudeau was up at 3 a.m. for his construction job, an hour's drive away. He often worked 10-hour days. No man out at all hours of the night and reporting to work at 4 a.m. would ever have been awarded employee of the month, as Goudeau was.

As for the letter Mark Spencer [of the police union] wrote to Sheriff Arpaio, you inaccurately state the subject was the Baseline investigation. The real subject of the memo was the rampant racism of staff at the PPD.

And the site is not a cop-bashing site; it's the only place where good cops who have to witness corruption by other cops have a safe place to voice the truth and their concerns.
Name withheld


Wished he'd thought of it: I loved "Spy Games". I can't wait to get out in the community and play it!

And what a moneymaking adventure this should turn out to be for Greg and Sonja Shaw, the game's inventors. And who would've thunk it? A great game that doesn't rely on computers. Wish I had thought of it!
Miles Champion, Phoenix

Beats dinner and a movie: This sounds like a totally fun night out — something definitely different from dinner and a movie. My husband is such a geek [that] he'll love it, too.
Julie Coleman, Glendale

A must-do when in Phoenix: Wow, this sounds pretty damned cool. If this becomes a viable business, I might just have to play next time I come to Phoenix to visit family.

Great story, too. Gives background on role-playing, LARPs, and a lot of other stuff. I hope The Citadel works out for [its creators].
Mike Wells, Salt Lake City

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Naoma Foreman
Naoma Foreman

I would like to see the NEW TIMES do an article on the manwho ran over his daughter and killed her -- it was an "honorkilling" -- and he left the scene. Why is the death penaltynot "on the table" for this case? Are we afraid of the MuslimCommunity? This is a terrible crime and, as far as I know,"honor killings" are NOT PERMITTED in the USA.

I would like to see in-depth coverage of this travesty.

Thank you.

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