It doesn't look like there's any corruption here; just lazy-ass city officials such as the hard-head-exploding Claude Mattox. And he wants to be mayor?! Just what we need — another mayor who's too busy or confused to take care of city business in a professional way.
J.T. Thurman, Phoenix

Another convoluted corruption case: Sarah Fenske was spot-on. Thanks for staying on these convoluted corruption cases. There's a pattern to all this that blankets Maricopa County, local, and state. We are paying attention to the details you write about.
Name withheld

Sound of silence: Silence always seems to be the response when officials are questioned. Where's the oversight and accountability?
Name withheld

Who's providing the money?: Perhaps this little dust-up will draw some attention to the taxi business in Phoenix. Being the state capital and largest city in the state, you'd think there'd be some regulation on taxi services here — but no.

Starting your own cab company is easy. All it takes is one car and a class D (standard license), unlike basically everywhere else that requires a hack (taxi) license. You just need a sign on the roof, meter, proper-size lettering, and taxi insurance. Then, for $25 annually, you get your weights-and-measures label, and you've got a taxi company.

An airport company is a bit more complicated, and things are more expensive for it. The cars have to be powered by natural gas. There is a minimum number of units. I've never seen Visum around, but I have seen Apache, and it looks like they've got three cabs, which are probably owner-operated (common with smaller companies). Makes me wonder who's providing the money.
Name withheld

Looks like collusion: From the City of Phoenix to the Superior Court judge to the winning bidders, there seems to be a collusive effort to screw cabbies. [The people involved in this] should all be removed from their jobs.
Name withheld

Great. Sleep-deprived cabbies: Just what this town, desperate for tourist and business revenue, needs — an injury accident caused by an exhausted/sleep-deprived taxi driver forced to work more hours for less pay. Brilliant! Nothing amazes me anymore about the sheer ineptitude of our government.
Name withheld

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Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

Great job, Phoenix New Times owners and outstanding reporters exposing the corruption by elected officials who have gotten away with abuse of power for too many years. Without your reporting the ignorant, uninvolved citizenry would know even less. Those who care about America, freedom and fair justice through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have you to thank. The AZ Republic has come late to the party or Arpaio and Thomas would never have been elected.

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