So what if the economy is smaller? If the tradeoff is social harmony, I'd take it. So if they boycott us, go right ahead. It'll make a better day for all of us.
John Connor, Phoenix

Please indict!: Where, oh, where is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder? It's Joe's Law! It's Pearce's law! Please indict! Please indict!
Roger Morris, Phoenix

Worse than expected: In 2007, Russell Pearce proudly proclaimed we would, in fact, shrink our economy with the employer-sanctions bill. He estimated it at around 7 percent. It's cost much more.
Dennis Gilman, Scottsdale

Thanks, Sal: Thank you, Sal Reza, for not giving up or giving in. You are making a difference.
Name withheld

AZ getting hit in the pocketbook: Once again, Stephen Lemons is ahead of the pack. When one man, Senator Russell Pearce, can introduce bills that defy logic and constitutional rights, it's high time to boycott the state.

Not only so others don't get their lives shredded in Arizona but to show Arizona citizens that they're getting hit in the pocketbook.

Neanderthals like Pearce, Joe Arpaio, MCSO Chief Deputy David Hendershott, and county attorneys Andrew Thomas and Rick Romley and their enablers have ruined Arizona.
Name withheld


Your math's shaky, dude: Thousands, or actually hundreds, die in the desert because they voluntarily choose to come across the border illegally. The U.S. Border Patrol is not obligated to open up the border and allow anyone to cross over without interdiction.

Which appears to be what you and border activists are asking for.

Immigration researchers agree that open borders would result in 20 to 30 million Mexicans coming to the United States. This does not include the millions of illegals from Central and South America.

You should walk the talk. Put your money where your mouth is. Relinquish your job and turn it over to an unemployed illegal from south of the border who has journalistic credentials.

You may be comfortable with the idea of all those Mexicans coming over the border, but the overwhelming majority of Mexican-Americans are not.
Niels Koepke, Tempe

Christian values: Leaving water in the desert is a humanitarian act, no matter what the rednecks say. These are human beings coming across, and the federal government has no way to stop them from coming. Decent Americans applaud No More Deaths and the other volunteer organizations for their Christian values.
Donna Williams, Phoenix

Give them water, then call ICE: It is still aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime to help these illegal immigrants. Give them water. Then call Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Name withheld

Damn Tucson commies: What do you expect from a bunch of commies in Tucson? Traitors every one of them. Helping illegals invade our country. Crossing the border to aid and abet the enemy. Where are the Minutemen when we need them?
Name withheld

Why the open-border crusade?: While I'm 100 percent against the [mistreatment] of detainees, legal and illegal, in Sheriff Arpaio's gulags, I can't seem to grasp why New Times is on an open-border crusade.

The folks who cross the desert are well aware of the dangers. To enable them should be as criminal as them crossing into this country illegally. What happened to getting work visas, then waiting in line for a green card?

New Times writers complain about fences or any other type of deterrent, but they have offered no solution to the problems.

The Right can't come up with solutions for anything either, but boy, oh, boy, can they bitch. Has New Times taken on that persona?
Name withheld

Complicit in slavery: Illegal is illegal. These people are not immigrants; they are illegal immigrants. The very act of paying a coyote and then working in the United States [enables] a form of slavery, and the groups that you mention are complicit.
Name withheld

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Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

The Journal, quoting a University of Arizona study, stated, "Never have we seen a state make a conscious decision to shrink its economy," and predicted dire economic consequences for Arizona.Chad, well said!

Public has a right to know..
Public has a right to know..

Now that a dirty secret has surfaced in this column.....PNT please write about the lucrative "transporting of inmates" which also includes flying them across the country.

Citizen Taxpayer
Citizen Taxpayer

To Brenda - This is may answer your question.....

"( - A new American slave trade is booming, warn prison activists, following the release of a report that again outlines outrageous numbers of young Black men in prison and increasing numbers of adults undergoing incarceration. That slave trade is connected to money states spend to keep people locked up, profits made through cheap prison labor and for-profit prisons, excessive charges inmates and families may pay for everything from tube socks to phone calls, and lucrative cross country shipping of inmates to relieve overcrowding and rent cells in faraway states and counties. Comparing the 'rights' of detained criminals to the on-going tragedy of slavery is about the lowest comment that could be made on this issue? NO, it's right on point. "

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