Drawn to Trouble

Latino cartoonist brings animated personality to brown town

The life of a political cartoonist isn’t always easy. Swedish satirist Lars Vilks had a price on his head after publishing his infamous Mohammed-as-dog cartoon. Blogger Mark Fiore is receiving death threats from right-wing protesters over his humorous 90-second cartoon “How to Speak Tea Bag.”

Thank goodness La Cucaracha artist Lalo Alcaraz, known for his pro-immigrant stance, hasn’t caught the attention of a certain brown-hating lawman. “I didn't really know [immigration] was such a divisive issue anywhere in the U.S., much less in the home of Sheriff Joe -- no doubt the next Nobel laureate,” jokes Alcaraz. Armed with Sheriff Joe parody posters, the syndicated cartoonist will discuss his transition “from angry Chicano to angry Chicano cartoonist” at the free lecture “Lalo Alcaraz: Cartoons in the Borderlands.”

Wed., March 31, 7-9 p.m., 2010
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