Swing Movement

MADE showcases work from another creative open call

In his 1946 essay on Alexander Calder, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote, “A ‘mobile,’ one might say, is a little private celebration, an object defined by its movement and having no other existence.” Calder, an engineer by training, had two major influences: the sky and the circus. Marcel Duchamp called Calder’s sculptures mobiles – a term which, in French, means both movement and motive.

A diverse group of local artists is busy applying movement and motive to their own little private celebrations as they respond to “SWING: Artist-Made Mobiles,” the latest exhibition in MADE art boutique’s ongoing themed shows. Artists include Kate Benjamin, Theodora Ballew, Cyndi Coon, John Ebinger, Carolyn Lavendar, Andrea Leggit, Craig Radich, Joe Willie Smith, and Sarah Spencer. An example of what you’ll find is a work by painter Carolyn Lavender, who departed from her usual two-dimensional processes by using wood from the yard to create something “between crude sculpture and reclaimed materials.”

Fri., March 26, 6-9 p.m., 2010
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