Question This

Director and funnyman Kevin Smith comes to town

Rotund filmmaker Kevin Smith oughta invest in an XXXL bulletproof vest, because lord knows he gets plenty of flak.

Critics love bashing the Clerks director’s oeuvre and countless bloggers have denounced his recent jihad against Southwest Airlines’ “person of size” policy after he got booted off a flight in February. Thing is, the foul-mouthed Smith loves firing back at his foes, which he does in humorously profane fashion via his Twitter feed (@therealkevinsmith), weekly podcasts, and during his infamous Q&A sessions.

Said gabfests have become one of his hallmarks over the past decade. Dubbed An Evening With Kevin Smith, the overweight auteur spends upwards of three hours providing long-winded answers to questions posed by his legions of devoted fans about his films and other geeky topics. After years of stumping his shtick at college campuses and other venues across North America and Europe, Smith will finally bring his act to the Valley.

Sat., April 10, 7 p.m., 2010
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