Such moves, along with Wells Fargo's demand that Arpaio and his minions vacate the two floors of pricey office space the MCSO occupies in the bank's downtown tower, must be inching Arpaio ever closer to the cliff.

The fact that a federal grand jury is probing him, looking for a possible indictment of henchmen like Chief Deputy David Hendershott, and perhaps of Arpaio himself, cuts both ways.

If he runs for governor, he can claim any indictment is political. But if he leaves the Sheriff's Office, he won't be able to effectively fight federal charges against him or his subordinates.

By leaving, he would be throwing his loyalists to the dogs. Because the Board of Supervisors will replace his immediate replacement, and you can bet members won't pick a Joe-friendly successor. Plus, the new sheriff would surely open the MCSO's doors to the feds, and what's behind those doors can't be good for "America's toughest sheriff."

So Goddard and other Arpaio targets are delighted with the fix Arpaio's apparently in. Let's hope they're right, because here's a nightmare scenario:

Governor Joe Arpaio and Arizona Attorney General Andy Thomas. They could pick up statewide with the same dastardly agenda they forced on Maricopa County.

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Steve Tracy
Steve Tracy

Rick Romley and all of you need to bear in mind that the freak of nature that passes for our county constable is simply a spokesman for the pervasive attitude of Hatred that makes up the construct of this State's pitiable legislature. Arpaio is no more the exclusive architect of regional ethnic intolerance than Adolph Hitler can be blamed solely for the destruction of Europe and the deaths of nearly 45,000,000 human beings. Consummate hate is the by-product of lives lived in the darkest regions of loss, sadness, self doubt, want, and confusion. It can be found easily in places like Sunnyslope, where the Aryans, the Angels and the like minded knuckledraggers vomit up their sad prejudices to those too inexperienced to challenge their stupity...


I am a Mexican American, I support SB 1070.I do not live in fear of the police. Rose Wilcoxand the other "Hispanics" do not speak for me.


I hope Romley puts r pie hole on administrative leave like lisa achabon. both deserve it. (should be UN paid)

Roger Morris
Roger Morris

Heardee! Heardee! Heardee! Post Bush/Cheney "Suspension of Disbelif." By striking, United States Attorney General, while in the consultation of the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization by inserting, "The Description." It's Profiling! It's "Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution." Crime Suppression Sweeps! No Advertised "Crime Suppression Sweeps." What's the AZPOST "Description" of a man, woman or child. But by continuing to strike the United States Attorney General, while in the consultation of the Secretary of Agriculture, while in consultation with the Secretary of Interior, while in consultation with every Native American Reservation, while in the the consultation with the Secretary of the Interior, while in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, by inserting SB 1070! 38,000 detained, rendered, forced to ATTEST unto .............Of course it was always about civil rights! Of course it's still about that "Economic Opportunity at the Border." We need "Z" People! Attested Felons unto me! Stop! Stop! You're all just illegal! Sure you are african american born before 1964! Prove it! No REAL ID! No proof for you! You come with me! Sure are a mexican american born man, woman, child. Get out of here! Sure you are! 38,000 and just a few! 38,000 and just a few! Birth Certificate for you! Ahhhh! Get out of here! You come with me! Because by striking, U.S. Attorney General....It's YOU LIE! YOU LIE! Hey that bill didn't pass! SB 1639 Border Security Economic Opportunity Immigration Act of George Bush/Dick Cheney "forced ATTESTAMENTS" unto them! Go "Z" people!

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