Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, April 29, 2010


Let's enjoy the moment: Love it! So glad that Courtney Marie Andrews, Michelle Blades, and the whole River Jones Music crew are getting this attention.

So much hard work and great music has been happening! This scene is important, and Modified Arts or not, it needs to be supported! So excited for what is to come for these guys! But let's just enjoy this moment. Spectacular.
Eric Snyder, Queen Creek

The world's last remaining Cracker fan: Great article. I had been wondering why this boring-ass trend was so popular nationally. In the immortal words of David Lowery: "What the world needs now is another folk singer like I need a hole in my head."
David Brookhouser, Phoenix

This guy likes to party: Folk music is groovy again. Now ain't that something! Come on, folk music wasn't cool back in the day. How can young kids doing it be cool?

Maybe these kids have talent and, when they grow up, you can damn sure bet they won't be into fucking folk music.

I've heard Courtney Marie Andrews and Michelle Blades, and I can tell you that I could barely stay awake. When I go to a show, I like to get drunk and high, and this kind of music is not what the party is about.

The only way to stomach this crap is to be jacked up on a few double-shot espressos.
Roy Gillman, Tucson

Courtney is my friend: I understand that not everyone is moved by the same thing. I understand the cliché that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I also understand what it is to be courteous and respectful of other people sharing this planet with you.

Courtney is my friend; Michelle is my friend. Every single person in that scene is my friend. Meaning, I know them. I have never heard a conceited word out of any of their mouths. I have never seen them be anything but genuine and kind to everyone around them.

I didn't read anything in the article about Courtney "claiming" to be anything. I have, on the other hand, heard backhanded comments behind her and others' backs and seen them shunned. And for what? The last I checked, this article wasn't written by Courtney or River Jones. It was written by a local paper about someone who has a great talent and passion for what she does.

If only we could all be so lucky to believe in something like that. Phoenix is blessed to have the art scene that it does. Really. And it pains me to see such unprovoked prejudice amidst something so great.
Thomas Thorpe, La Luz, New Mexico

Pigeon Religion!: It's obvious that there is tons of talent in Arizona. Let's support it.

There are: AJJ, Smokus Pokus, Courtney Andrews, What Laura Says, Pigeon Religion, Dakota Jeane, Marianne Dissard, Naim Amor, Fatigo, Haunted Cologne, Dry River Yacht Club, The Pods, Tobie Milford, The Other 49, Coats and Villa, Matthew Reveles, J.D. Stooks, Zachary James Dodds, Hooves, Superstereo, Baby Aviators, Soft Drink, Fathers Day, Black Carl, The Whisperlights, Chandails. All the awesome stuff that comes from Bob Hoag, Flying Blanket, 513 Analog, Modern Art, Gilgongo, Conspire, Firehouse, all of the local DJs, dance nights, pool parties, street fairs!

Let's talk about something positive for a change. Let's celebrate our favorite local artists and places. I understand that it's not controversial but, dammit, it's what's good for the community.
River Jones, Phoenix

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carlos molina
carlos molina

what is Governer Brewers education level, Please tell me this genius has more than an associates degree. or has this rocket scientist simply risen here thru attritionplease what is the answer to this,

Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia

I have a friend that has a son in jail at 4th and Madison. Her son called and told her that they are being starved and only given peanut butter sandwiches. He noticed some postings that says you will get a soda and pizza if you donate an organ? I don't expect inmates to get top of the line service but this is consistent with the abuses that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known for. Can you please investigate this?


In our local newspaper, the Arizona Republic,columnist Laurie Roberts asked if anyone is feeling terrorized by this new law? Here is my response to her question, it I think it is a point of view that everyone on both sides of the debate could find common ground upon:

Do I feel terrorized by SB1070? Well, perhaps the question needs to be pointed in a very different direction for a little perspective to leak through all the partisan walls surrounding the issue.

On their way to attempt crossing the US Border, long before they even reach it, fully 60% of migrant women and girls are raped in Mexico. It is in the news just right now:

Along the way are countless opportunities for them to be robbed, kidnapped, beaten, raped, murdered and sold into sexual slavery by criminal gangs who sell them dreams and return only horrors.

Still hundreds of thousands do make it to our border. Where the next gauntlet begins.

This gauntlet is not the one you would expect me to speak of. It is not the Border Patrol, all too often the Border Patrol saves immigrant lives. No this gauntlet is the Coyotes, the smugglers. They take them only far enough to rob them. Or they abandon them in the deserts. The sick, the infirm, the very young and the very old are dumped along the trails and back roads when they cannot keep up.

We know this as hundreds of their bodies are found each year rotting in the desert sun. Women and children mostly, some men too.

In the past ten days I have seen stories in the news. The Pima County Coroner was up to 87 bodies brought in already this year, the summer heat not even upon us yet.

The report just yesterday of a 15 year old boy rescued in the desert by the Border Patrol. He feared his mother had died he said. They had made it many miles by foot and met the smuggler that would drive them further. But his mother was getting sick in the van and the smuggler pushed her out onto the road side, where she appeared to faint.

With the boy's help the Border Patrol soon found her, dead on the side of a dirt road near Tucson.

What of those who make it to the big cities?

Well, many are kidnapped. Held in houses and in closets. Tied up, laying in their own filth. Their families back home forced to pay for their loved one's release under threat of death. Some do die, the bodies are found around Phoenix. Dumped in the weeds, the culverts, the trash bins of this big city.

You ask me if I feel terrorized?

I say you are asking the wrong person.

Now then, I will ask you a question. How do we stop all this horrendous human suffering?

Here is an answer for you: Take the profit out of it.

How you may wonder?

All too simple. Vastly improve security along our border. It worked in Southern California. It has worked in parts of Texas. Close the gaps, deploy all the personnel needed, by the multiple thousands if we must. Use existing provisions of the Posse Comitatus Act to get it done.

Do all that not to terrorize illegal aliens, but to terrorize the criminals that prey upon them. Make the possibility of success in smuggling small enough and the criminals will crawl away from the trade, seek some other way to make their money.

All this uproar over SB1070 ignores the hard and painful reality of illegal immigration. Individual cases aside, as bad as it is for all of us law abiding Americans it is far worse for the illegal's themselves. So if you want to help them out, get up and stand with those who favor securing the border first. Get that done and you will save many lives, halt endless suffering.

Do that, and you may make some friends who will at least talk with you about comprehensive reform.

Do not do it and the dying continues. The rapes continue. The bones still bleach white in the Arizona desert.

And nothing changes.

Chris in Tempe, AZ

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