Tipsy Topsy

Adulthood can be the pits. We work hard, we don't get paid what we're worth, and we're still in debt from the stupid purchases we made before the economy tanked. And, worst of all, we're too "grown-up" to let off a little steam by hitting the bottle. Well, that's why we class up our drinking habits with sophisticated wine education. Get your week's lesson at the Wine Tasting at Taste of Tops, 403 West University Drive in Tempe, when Southern Wine & Spirits provides sips, swishes, and spit-outs of Brazin Zinfandel. The event will get you warmed up for more drinking if you want to hang out, only, this time around, you’ll drink like a sophisticate.

Thu., May 20, 6-8 p.m., 2010
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