A Great Day (Coming): We Invoke Iconic Art For Our 40th and to Honor Community Resistance to Oppression

A Great Day (Coming): We Invoke Iconic Art For Our 40th and to Honor Community Resistance to Oppression
Jamie Peachey
This month, New Times celebrates its 40th anniversary. To mark this modest moment, we invoke iconic art in the name of ongoing community resistance to misguided immigration policies and the continued heavy hand of local law enforcement.

In 1958, Art Kane pulled together 57 giants of jazz and took their picture in New York. The shot, "A Great Day in Harlem," was published in Esquire and included luminaries like Count Basie, Lester Young, Thelonious Monk, Mary Lou Williams, and Dizzy Gillespie. A 1994 documentary of the shoot expanded the legend.

New Times began in 1970, after the shootings at Kent State. Forty years later, a different set of problems occupies our thoughts.

Jamie Peachey

For our anniversary, we gathered many — not all — of those who've been targets of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Some, like politicos Phil Gordon, Mary Rose Wilcox, and Don Stapley, are converts to the struggle. Others, activists, stood up to protect the most vulnerable amongst us: Mexicans seeking to be part of the American Dream; prisoners looking to survive.

Once at risk, those gathered bear witness to "A Great Day (Coming) in Phoenix." Jim Larkin, chairman and CEO; Michael Lacey, executive editor

1) Carolyn Lovejoy: Wife of Chandler police K9 unit Sergeant Tom Lovejoy, who fought and beat charges brought against him after Joe Arpaio's office arrested Lovejoy when his police dog suffocated in his patrol car.

2) Tom Lovejoy: Carolyn's husband, who is suing Arpaio for his malicious prosecution after Lovejoy's police dog suffocated.

3) Adan Hinojosa (a.k.a. @FauxSheriffJoe): Tweeter against Arpaio. His 140-character blasts, supposedly from Arpaio, are poignant and funny.

4) Bill Richardson: Ex-Marine, ex-Mesa cop who became a weekly columnist for the East Valley Tribune. Wrote critically about Arpaio, despite Sheriff's Office pressure to stop.

5) Pearl Wilson: Co-founder of Mothers Against Arpaio. Her son Phillip Wilson was beaten to death in 2003 by unsupervised inmates in Tent City.

6) Terry Wilson: Along with wife Pearl, sued Arpaio for the Tent City jail death of their son but lost the case at trial.

7) Jason Odhner: Works with various groups opposing Arpaio. MCSO arrested him for applauding during a Board of Supervisors meeting. Acquitted and now is suing the sheriff.

8) Jim Larkin: New Times chairman and CEO, arrested after co-writing a cover story questioning an illegal grand jury investigating the newspaper's publishing of Arpaio's home address on the Internet.

9) Chad Snow: Phoenix attorney cuffed and detained by Arpaio's deputies while merely observing a supervisors meeting. Defends protesters arrested while demonstrating in favor of immigration reform.

10) Tom Henze: Attorney who defended New Times writers and editors against harassment by the Sheriff's Office and who helped get retaliatory charges dismissed that were brought by Arpaio and former County Attorney Thomas against county Supervisor Don Stapley.

11) Joel Robbins: Phoenix attorney for numerous victims of abuse by Arpaio's forces.

12) Debbie Hill: Won a class-action lawsuit against Arpaio in U.S. District Court regarding poor health conditions and other civil rights violations in county jails.

13) Lee Watkins: Businessman who, after backing W. Steven Martin's candidacy for sheriff, was the victim of a retaliatory criminal investigation and raid that destroyed his towing business.

14) Gerald Burns: Arizona chairman for the American Immigration Lawyers Association, who works to educate people about ever-changing immigration statutes.

15) Alfredo Gutierrez: Outspoken critic of Arpaio, former Arizona Senate majority leader, and current editor of the Web site La Frontera Times.

16) Paul Charlton: Former Arizona U.S. Attorney who defended Supervisor Don Stapley against retaliatory charges against him. Partner of Tom Henze. The two of them got Stapley's charges dismissed here by showing that Thomas and Arpaio had abused the legal system.

17) Antonio Bustamante:

Phoenix attorney and activist who advises those who monitor Arpaio's anti-immigrant sweeps and defends demonstrators arrested for protesting the sheriff.

18) Mike Manning: Phoenix attorney who has successfully sued Arpaio and the Sheriff's Office many times on behalf of families whose loved ones have died in the sheriff's custody. Manning also has represented New Times.

19) Jennifer Braillard: Suing Arpaio over the death of her mother, Deb, in the Estrella Jail. Her mother was diabetic, and guards refused her medical care.

20) Randy Parraz: Lawyer/activist with Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability. Now a U.S. Senate candidate, he was arrested for "trespassing" by sheriff's deputies after he spoke out against Arpaio at a supervisors meeting.

21) Michael Lacey: New Times co-founder and executive editor who's written critically about Arpaio for years. Jailed overnight for co-writing a story about an illegal grand jury probing New Times for publishing the sheriff's home address on the Internet.

22) Victoria Lopez: Immigrant rights advocate for the Arizona ACLU who has spent the past eight years as an advocate for the rights of ICE detainees in Arizona.

23) Bill Straus: Arizona regional director of the Anti-Defamation League and a frequent critic of the sheriff. Called for Arpaio to renounce support from white supremacists and other extremists.

24) Dan Pochoda: ACLU attorney who challenged Arpaio's right to detain a Russian man suffering from tuberculosis. Later arrested while observing a protest against Arpaio.

25) Devin Fleenor: Uses social media to organize citizens to fight against Arpaio. Fleenor's Facebook group, People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has grown to more than 50,000 members in three months.

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With absolutely no border under Janet Reno Nappy and the extremes against US Citizens and the City of Phoenix held hostage by the Mexicans, bringing in drugs, drive-by shootings of innocent children in their own front yards, pounding on citizens' doors demanding cash or being robbed or worse...not to mention holding US businesses captives due to the all-Spanish language lock-out, which lets Latinos claim "I no speaka da Englash" so we GIVE them our people's hospitality service jobs, make them instant "teaching assistants" to young children who now are illiterate in two languages, creating Spanglish; hiring them all at the DMV (Thanks Janet!); threatening to arrest us when we have had our i.d. stolen and openly used by illegals in order to wrongfully get jobs, apts., turn on utilities in our names, and much more...

Now the pendulum is swinging back in the other direction but not quite yet as far as it has swung illegally against our legal system, the English language, our hospital system which they wrecked in Arizona openly by abuses, and heaven help THEIR children who are learning to use drugs, lie, cheat, and steal, and simply walk over other people's property lines since it's been so easy to walk over, drive over, and fly over the non-existent border of Arizona.

The legal documents submitted to our courts with phoney translations benefitting wrongdoing by illegals is enough to make anyone vomit. Don't speak English? Well, then let's all in Phoenix open up Spanish phone lines for you and then hire you to man them. Let's print all the buses with Spanish since it might STRAIN you to learn the language you are using on your JOBS to send all your money home to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please...Lacey loves dope, so bring it on in, mexicanos. Really. US Citizens cannot call police or anyone to even question illegals who openly use our names, photos, and social security numbers to get all of our "American dream" items that we have fought for, like peace in our own homes, freedom of English speech, freedom to continue our school systems and churches as they have been in this country for all our generations: open to those who show an initiative to become PART of our way of life with its freedoms and responsibilities that maintain those freedoms. Shall we invite all our "Muslim friends" to share the same benefits as the illegals in Phoenix who openly shoot us, push us out of our neighborhoods, refuse to go to American supermarkets and have to have their own segregated ones, Mr. Basha, and own segregated church Masses, own classrooms where they are catered to in Spanish. Oh, my, how sad it be. They drive without licenses or insurance, hit even City of Phoenix vehicles, and cannot be asked for i.d. or breathed on????? Give me a break, as a former "guest resident" of Mexico City -- which no one can live in now, due to all this chaos, drug immersion, violence, and materialism parading as "love of country." Give us all one big break, Lacey, the Jerry Springer of rag journalism. Lacey makes a living off of provoking fights between authorities and getting everyone scuffling in the dirt, while holding a hanky and standing on his usual soap box.

All the way to the bank. Let Lacey take the illegals and all the pot he wants into his hacienda on the hill. Or is it too dangerous for you to live down in the Valley where all the illegals are shooting and shooting up???????

Tip of the Ice berg
Tip of the Ice berg

Daniel Horne, Courtney Bisbee, Don Stapley, The supervisors, unfortunatly this is just the begining of a list not the end. There are countless others of us who will join you Thomas empowered Joe. Thomas gave strength to Arpaio's madness. Arpaio may be Frankenstein but Thomas is and was the mad doctor. This story deserves a happy ending. Hopefully the story of their indictments will grace your cover soon.

Bearing witness
Bearing witness

Dan Saban is not forgotten by us. He put the face on one man who's had to endure much to run against the sheriff. There is also Chris Will whose story belongs. I'm sure names will come pouring in. Hope you do a follow-up. The trail of pain is longer than anyone can imagine.

Bearing witness
Bearing witness

New Times, Congratulations on 40 years! It's great to see you honoring all those who have spoken out and have made a difference for those who have been silenced. It's a large group putting a face on a few who have suffered under the Arpaio/thomas reign of terror on the community. The depth and breath of the pain and destruction caused to these people, their families and good name is incomprehensible. Unfortunately, this is the tip of the iceberg.


I talked to Dan a couple of weeks before the photo shoot when Lacey and I were letting people know it was going to happen, Dan said he was going to be out of town and unless we could move the date, he could only be there in spirt.

It was to late to move the date.

So Dan's spirt was there in full force :-)

>>Why isn't Dan Saban on that list?

Nicholas Babcock
Nicholas Babcock

Why isn't Dan Saban on that list? He has stood against Arpaio for years. He went though a lot trying to beat him in the 2008 election. There is now a facebook page for "People Who Support Dan Saban for Sheriff in 2012" The person who is running that page is getting threats from the MCSO.



Reborn Arizona Citizen
Reborn Arizona Citizen

I was driving down the road today when all of a sudden I was cut off by a 62 or 63 Chevy and almost went off the road. When I got my vehicle under control I caught up to the driver that cut me off and I could see he was a Mexican.

It became obvious to me that this Beaner was probably here illegally and was on his way to rape or rob one of us white people and this just made me as mad as hell.

So I am joining forces with the anti immigration movement.

Bobby, where can I join up and get one of those cute little white hoods, or one of those shinny Nazi type helmets you all wear ?

I really, really want to be just like you and hate all them dirty Mexicans.

You are my hero Bobby, is it ok if I call you daddy from now on ?


Whoever is posting as me better stop, you're not me, I'm me and I'm the one that hates anyone that's not white.Don't make me call my Nazi's brothers on you.


All these clowns belong in jail for not supporting the Nazi ways of Arizona as I do.

Only white boy Nazi's like me are welcome in Arizona.

Hank Hill
Hank Hill

Much respect to all of you. With a few exceptions, I owe you all a beer.

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