Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 20, 2010


Stop the legacy of hatred: It's a shame that many North Americans forget where they came from. Everyone in this country owes their life, literally, to immigrants ("Hopeless," Michael Lacey, May 6).

They built this country! They continue to build it. They come here every year, not to take it away, but to help it grow.

When are we going to stop this legacy of hatred? The world is getting smaller. Is this what we're going to leave to our children?
William Rosario, Miami, Florida

It will come down to a race war: The SB 1070 law is very wrong. We mothers already suffer daily from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's policies.

I know all this will all come down to a race war in Arizona.

What happened to all those people who stood up to Sheriff Joe during the Guadalupe sweep ("Brown Out," Stephen Lemons, May 29, 2008)? The only person we see almost every day in and around Guadalupe is William Robles. At least he has the balls to stand up like a true warrior.

Anna Marquez, Phoenix

Make entry to U.S. less appealing: I am a Hispanic immigrant, and I support the Arizona law. Controlling human trafficking is beneficial for everybody, and obviously one front of action is to make entry less appealing.

Your story is wrong on many fronts.

First of all, for your information, all immigrants are required to carry at all times their green cards. On top of that, the new law says it is acceptable to provide state ID (i.e., a driver's license) to demonstrate legality status.

Also, you are assuming that the law is targeting the 29 percent Hispanic legal population. This is not correct. Also, you obviously have not been in the border area, where crime is rampant and illegal immigrants are abused every minute.

Please remove the emotion from your speech and write with reason.
Juan Gutierrez, address unavailable

Law will only grow hate: I'm an immigrant, as well as Honduran. This law is far more than ridiculous, with the sole purpose of growing hate among all races. I mean all.
Oscar Alonzo, address unavailable

What do you have against adobe, Archer?: My God! Haven't we had enough of our border brothers whom the brown tide has swept across this country like a Biblical plague!

European-Americans built this country. They provided the money and expertise.

Sure, maybe these downtrodden Mexicans had some minor manual-labor roles, but on the whole, the country would be all adobe brick houses or less had it not been for the white middle class.

Yeah, and thank you Catholic Church for telling Pedro to go out and be fruitful and multiply at the taxpayers' expense! I am sick of these alien invaders crapping all over our American society. Enough! Get out and stay out.
Archer C. Magoski, Phoenix

New law is unconstitutional: Remember the America where law enforcement used to say: "We don't write the laws, we only enforce them"?

This is no longer the case for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, its neo-Nazi/white supremacist sponsors, and seemingly well-placed politicians.

The racial-profiling element proves that Arizona's new hate-immigrants law is unconstitutional.
Dave Nichols, Gilbert

Apparently, this Floridian is an expert on AZ: This article is a prime case of inciting racism and pointing the finger at white people. What a bunch of crap!

Being a light-skinned Cuban immigrant — but, most importantly, an American — I have no problem handing over my license, registration, and insurance when I get pulled over.

Arizona has it share of problems. It is a criminal nightmare, the kidnapping capital (after Colombia) of the world.

I tell you what: If people from another 'hood start putting tents in your backyard to live there, using your water hose, dealing drugs, and littering your property, would you let them stay there? I bet you would call the cops without delay!

Lastly, the law says, "No racial profiling." So you are saying the cops are going to just ignore that?
Jorge Rodriguez, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Blame it on early Europeans: Europeans have been illegal immigrants since October 12, 1492. They invaded our continent without papers as a part of their "Christian jihad."

They murdered indigenous people, stole our land, raped, pirated, and waged smallpox-biological warfare.

Europeans violated the sovereignty of every single First Nation government, and they refused to assimilate into indigenous cultures.

People of European descent should be the last people to preach about "legal" immigration.
Nican Tlaca, Aztlan/Chicomostoc

God bless Jan Brewer: Governor Brewer, keep up the good work. I only pray that all states will follow your lead. God bless America.
Daniel Waln, Miami, Florida

You're missing the point, Jim: There is little question that regulating immigration is exclusively a federal prerogative.

But the hyperbole about "Nazis" and "totalitarians" is unfeasible. It is not unconstitutional to require aliens to possess registration papers. Federal law already requires as much.

Pretty much every country in the world requires this. There is nothing inherently unconstitutional about authorized law enforcement agents investigating someone's right to be in the country.

It is absurd to suggest that the Arizona law does something beyond the pale.
Jim Lavers, Phoenix

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NOW THAT WE KNOW THE ENEMY, WE MUST ERRADICATE THEM. IF IT TAKES 1200 YEARS NO PROBLEM.. AMERICA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE ARE WE? WE HAVE FOREVER TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS IF IT TAKES FOREVER. DONT WORRY IT WONT. ONCE WE PUT UP REWARDS, LEADING TO THE ARREST AND DEPORTATION OF ILLEGALS.. NEIGHBOR WILL SNITCH ON NEIGHBOR.. IF WE GIVE THEM SKIP FORWARD POINTS FOR EVERY ILLEGAL THEY TURN IN.. THEY CAN EARN THEIR CITICZENSHIP FASTER !This is not about hatred. Its about the Soveriegnty of our Soil and enforcing the laws that aid in that necerending endeavor. Baed on your argument we should allow an unlimited number of immigrants from allover the globe? Or just unlimited Hispanic immigrants.. Showing favoritism only to hispanics is Discrimination against all other would be groups of immigrants.


I am sick and tired of the beaner double standard. In their warped little mind they think they should have free rein in this country, yet look how they treat illegal aliens in their homeland. How dare that moron of Mexico address our screwed up "enough politicians" and try to tell this country how we should run our country. Does he not have enough problems of his own(He is only thinking of the 22 billion dollars sent home by his former resident criminals)That bastard should have been removed immediately, unfortunately no one had the stones to do anything but clap. To think I would have given my life for this pathetic condition country. I do not understand how Americans can not feel anything but, resentment. I can't count the number of times I have been accosted by Latinos who thought they would mug me until I double checked to make sure they were only wanting my cash as I reach for my empty wallet, I whip out my trusty 45. Do they want a war?

Bernie Huberman
Bernie Huberman

May 25, 2010TO: LETTERS TO THE EDITORAnchor babies and why they are an abuse of the citizenship clause of the14th Amendment. Thousands of times, every year, pregnant Mexican women enter the U.S. illegally; make a B-line for the nearest hospital and give birth to American citizens. Should being born here automatically convey the right of citizenship?

True, the 14th Amendment, Section 1 says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States…are citizens of the united States…” but, was the All ever intended to be all inclusive?

The citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment (1868) was specifically written for former slaves to overrule the effect of an 1857decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. In Dred Scott v. Sandford, commonly referred to as the Dred Scott Decision, the court ruled that people of African descent held as slaves, and their descendants, whether or not they were slaves, were not protected by the Constitution and could never be citizens of the United States. As far as that court was concerned, never meant never.

So an amendment that was intended to correct an egregious wrong, and not even remotely intended to be an incentive for its present abuse, is being used to perpetrate a fraud on the American taxpayers. I know of no other country that grants the right of citizenship to children born to mothers who are in the country illegally. And then, as parents of citizens, they can apply for welfare, food stamps, Section 8 Rental Assistance, and not only can they remain in the country, eventually, they can apply to allow their extended families to enter.

From what I’ve read there seems to exist a weight of legal scholarship that suggests the above clause could be changed by federal statute without resorting to the lengthy amendment process. If Congress ever has enough members with guts to stand tall, it might happen. Sincerely,

Bernie Huberman3303 Hidden CreekThousand Oaks, CA



Jeanne Matthews
Jeanne Matthews

Two white/Anglo American right wing "Patriot Party" terrorists kill two police officers and wound two others in West Memphis and the story merits less than 10 column inches buried on page 14 of the Republic and barely a passing mention on TV news. If these had been an Arab-Americans (or worse, illegal immigrants), it would be front page news for a week and fodder for all the talk shows about how Obama was soft on terrorism. Go figure.


I have received 2 tickets for bieng in a dog park 10 minutes after closing ( There's really no way to indicate the park is actually closed) However during this event I was hassled for having a Texas DL and was asked my SS#. I figured my DL was enough info to write me my ticket, but obviously it wasn't. The park ranger made a comment since I wouldn't provide it and needed to verify I was who I said I was. I figured my DL was sufficient. Apparently it wasn't. If I can't even go to a dog park without getting hassled for having a Texas DL, what's to become of this? Am I going to be depported back to TX and have to sneak back in through the airport when I land here. Last time I checked TX was part of the US. I was also born on a military base in CA and have lived in AZ for about 20 yrs ( off & on) So being a citizen and getting harrassed for something so stupid and questioned about my residential status in the process just proves that these rednecks here really don't want anybody here unless there IQ is less than 50 just like the majority of the people in this state. Why should I watch the movie Idiocracy when I could watch it live through the current events taking place in our state

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