Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 27, 2010


LifeLock is a near-worthless firm: LifeLock signs are indeed everywhere, and yet your story proves that the company has engaged [in] deceptive advertising and more. LifeLock is truly evidence that suckers are everywhere in this land ("Cracking LifeLock," Ray Stern, May 13).

Thanks for the fact-laden, insightful look at this near-worthless Valley firm. Though it claims to have many satisfied customers — and I'm sure it does, because people are stupid — it really can't protect anybody from identity theft, as it claims.

Obviously! The stuff you dug up about its founder's identity being compromised so many times was priceless.

Too bad a going concern that employs so many in the Valley in this bad economy is based on such bullshit.
Mel Nelson, Phoenix

People are better off without LifeLock: People are willing to give away $10 every month so that you can have someone to call on the phone. The Federal Trade Commission has decided that the claims that LifeLock was making were deceptive. Yet people were — and obviously continue to be — deceived.

Giving their $120 a year and personal information to LifeLock has made them more likely to be victims of identity theft because the company has been storing the personal information, including Social Security numbers, in a non-secure database.

You would be much better off putting your money in a savings account to use in the case some less-well-funded fraudster is able to gain access to personal information.
Bob Gleder, Phoenix

Made a fool out of LifeLock CEO: Guess so! Guess LifeLock can protect my identity just as well as it did company CEO Todd Davis'. Ha, which was not at all!

You made a fool out of him and his company and rightly portrayed its customers as clueless sheep.
James Page, Phoenix

Speaking of sheep: New Times, same old empty story! Reading this article is like stepping into a time machine. It's Groundhog Day again.

[The story is] disturbing on many levels, but I don't have the time or the desire to go into each and every one. I do, however, want to note that this seven-page rant filled with old news, peppered with false information, and carrying more than a smidgen of twisted half-truths has the effect of trivializing the devastating effects of identity theft.

It's a biased, mean-spirited personal attack that is as insulting to victims and as it is to educated consumers. I should know because I am both of these things.
Denise Richardson, address withheld

A view from the inside: It's about time someone did a story on LifeLock. The company was founded on deception. I worked on the inside at the top.

There are many in LifeLock who have that drink-the-Kool-Aid mentality — they see Todd Davis as a 21st-century Jim Jones. They will do anything and say anything to protect the LifeLock brand.

There were many employees who wouldn't use LifeLock's services — and they were free to us — because we knew the truth. We knew the issues with the software, hardware, and security procedures that were essentially a pile of warm crap, yet supposed to protect people's identities.

The masses have gotten so lazy and stupid that they don't realize that what LifeLock offers they could do themselves. It's not a hard process.

From the inside, many employees didn't believe in the product, and the advertising was a shock to those of us who actually worked on the systems that were supposed to protect people. And people's real-time information was shown to employees not bonded or who could barely be trusted.

Many of us complained, yet nothing was done. All [management] cared about was the intake of cash.

I can tell you this: When you're looking for a job after working for LifeLock, many Valley employers have reservations about hiring you. Thanks, Todd Davis.

Also, I liked the "gang-raped" comment. It's true. Lifelock does this to the sheep foolish enough to pay for this service. Money-hungry investors internally laugh at all the dummies paying for this service.
Name withheld

Hoping New Times sticks around: I really appreciated this report. Too many people buy into BS, and companies get away with it.

I hope print media like this stays around. I'm young, and I'm afraid that we're losing this aspect for the future. You guys adhere to a standard that a 30-minute TV news program or Web site blurb can't live up to.

Name withheld


Weighing in from Costa Rica: You wrote (in "Hopeless," Michael Lacey, May 6), "The new law, sponsored by former sheriff's deputy and current state Senator Russell Pearce, is, as a matter of fact, part of a national attack on Latino immigrants coordinated by FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform."

You conveniently left out the word "illegal" when speaking of "immigrants." Now why would an articulate man like you do this? Would the inclusion of that one vital word negate your premise?

Why, yes it would.
Mark M. Kahle, Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica

Why so angry, Joe?: Screw illegals! That means go home and die, or something, but get the hell out of my country!

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John Gallipeau
John Gallipeau

TruthSeeker.... well it is bigotry at its best. It is not a white president that has taken 45 days to get involved in the oil spill. It is not whites that cross our borders illegally and become a financial strain on the states that they take up residents. You must live in the past. Bush is no longer president so why blame him. As for the rest. BP had an accident. Accidents do happen and they are taking full responsibility. Our economy was ruined by greedy people and not all of them were white. And in case you have not noticed, it is a black president (which I respect) and a PROGRESSIVE congress that has and is destroying this country. They (congress) has a strong desire to spend more than what is in the bank and it is going to get worse. And to take from those that work hard and earn and give to those that do nothing is socialism and markism. Hello.

John Gallipeau
John Gallipeau

Subject: Arizona It seems that everyone is upset with the new law passed in Arizona. Why this is happening is beyond intelligence. What the new law says is very simple. If you have suspicions using the example like a police officer pulls you over for speeding; he asks for your drivers license, vehicle registration and insurance card. You do not have any. So he asks where are your identity cards like drivers license. You reply no comprende senor. So he asks for your green card. You do not have one. You are arrested. What is wrong with this picture? I get stopped in Hawaii and have to show my drivers license. I do not have one I get arrested. So why is everyone upset about a police officer in Arizona asking the same thing. You go to Mexico. You are on a bus that is stopped at a road block. You are an American and asked for your passport. You left it at the hotel. You are not only get arrested but you end up in prison. The same thing applies in other countries. The Federal law that is not enforced requires an alien in the US to have in their possession at all times, their green card. It is the law. The Federal government will not enforce the law because they are afraid they wont get the votes. I do not care what country you visit. You are required to show your identification. You want to check into a hotel, you need your passport. You want to get on a plane, you need your identification. So why is everyone getting hot under the collar because Arizona is just enforcing the law. I think everyone that is upset about this law should go and visit Mexico. Leave your passport at the hotel and see what happens to you. If the Federal Government had any smarts they would have a work program. It is not fair to those that have waited years to come to America earn that entitlement only to find, that those who sneak across are loved by Arizona haters.


******NEWS FLASH******

Whites to be racially profiled, stopped, detained, questioned, forced to show proof of no wrongdoing.

Due to the disastrous and devastating effects of white people, who have willingly and unremorsefully ruined our economy, coast, jobs, name and reputation abroad, other countries, and on and on...(BP, AIG, CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs, Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and on and on...) whites will now be targeted and required to show proof that they are not a part of any of these groups. Since it is white people, and not undocumented Latino workers, that are the ones who are truly destroying this country, they will be completely happy in adhering to the checks and searches, especially if they have nothing to hide.

Effective immediately.

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