If we'd shoot a few of the scum as they crossed, maybe — just maybe — they would stop and think.

God bless Sheriff Joe. He sweeps up this greasy scum and deports the mess back to its Third World shit-hole.
Joe January, La Puente, California

Pretty sure David doesn't see the irony here: This is not a civil rights issue. The brave Americans who just happened to be black and fought for their constitutional rights were demanding the inherent guarantees afforded them by the Constitution of the United States.

Nobody is trying to subvert Mexican heritage or the explicit right of a foreign national to make a better life in this country. However, our society is governed by laws that ensure our personal liberty, freedom, and protection.

There are also criminal elements that have ties to organized crime and that are becoming more organized and blatantly disrespectful of U.S. and Arizona laws.
David Smith, Phoenix

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John Gallipeau
John Gallipeau

TruthSeeker.... well it is bigotry at its best. It is not a white president that has taken 45 days to get involved in the oil spill. It is not whites that cross our borders illegally and become a financial strain on the states that they take up residents. You must live in the past. Bush is no longer president so why blame him. As for the rest. BP had an accident. Accidents do happen and they are taking full responsibility. Our economy was ruined by greedy people and not all of them were white. And in case you have not noticed, it is a black president (which I respect) and a PROGRESSIVE congress that has and is destroying this country. They (congress) has a strong desire to spend more than what is in the bank and it is going to get worse. And to take from those that work hard and earn and give to those that do nothing is socialism and markism. Hello.

John Gallipeau
John Gallipeau

Subject: Arizona It seems that everyone is upset with the new law passed in Arizona. Why this is happening is beyond intelligence. What the new law says is very simple. If you have suspicions using the example like a police officer pulls you over for speeding; he asks for your drivers license, vehicle registration and insurance card. You do not have any. So he asks where are your identity cards like drivers license. You reply no comprende senor. So he asks for your green card. You do not have one. You are arrested. What is wrong with this picture? I get stopped in Hawaii and have to show my drivers license. I do not have one I get arrested. So why is everyone upset about a police officer in Arizona asking the same thing. You go to Mexico. You are on a bus that is stopped at a road block. You are an American and asked for your passport. You left it at the hotel. You are not only get arrested but you end up in prison. The same thing applies in other countries. The Federal law that is not enforced requires an alien in the US to have in their possession at all times, their green card. It is the law. The Federal government will not enforce the law because they are afraid they wont get the votes. I do not care what country you visit. You are required to show your identification. You want to check into a hotel, you need your passport. You want to get on a plane, you need your identification. So why is everyone getting hot under the collar because Arizona is just enforcing the law. I think everyone that is upset about this law should go and visit Mexico. Leave your passport at the hotel and see what happens to you. If the Federal Government had any smarts they would have a work program. It is not fair to those that have waited years to come to America earn that entitlement only to find, that those who sneak across are loved by Arizona haters.


******NEWS FLASH******

Whites to be racially profiled, stopped, detained, questioned, forced to show proof of no wrongdoing.

Due to the disastrous and devastating effects of white people, who have willingly and unremorsefully ruined our economy, coast, jobs, name and reputation abroad, other countries, and on and on...(BP, AIG, CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs, Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and on and on...) whites will now be targeted and required to show proof that they are not a part of any of these groups. Since it is white people, and not undocumented Latino workers, that are the ones who are truly destroying this country, they will be completely happy in adhering to the checks and searches, especially if they have nothing to hide.

Effective immediately.

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