Summer Guide 2010

"Cave Dweller" by Sativa Peterson

"Heavy Metal" by Tricia Parker

"Burn, Baby" by Sarah Fenske

"Chill Out" by Steve Jansen

"Flame Game" by Wynter Holden

"Ice Rage" by Adriane Goetz

"Slush Life" by Robrt L. Pela

"(100) Days of Summer Films" by Chuck Wilson

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Denise Fleisch
Denise Fleisch

Who is writing about Art Galleries on Grand Avenue? Well, looks like I am. I know there are many good things about the art scene in Phoenix, AZ. The people, the scene, the culture, the no parking, the crowds. On Grand Avenue there is a real real art culture. The artists are all working artists with real talent. Grand Ave is overlooked because people don't take the opportunity to check it out. Most people who come down to the galleries on Grand Ave are real surprised and feel they have found a diamond in the rough. And they would be right. A Gallery called Phoenix Fall Space is one of those galleries on Grand Avenue. They work, they sell art and have collectors come back again and again. Many of the patrons that come back to Grand Avenue are lovers of art and the culture of the city of Phoenix. They support the arts and are alway welcome to revisit the painters, sculptures, musicians, poets and the talent. Everyone on Grand looks forward to seeing you at the First Friday Artwalk on Grand Avenue. Come join the art scene and be a part of the art movement in Phoenix.