Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid
Slightly Stoopid


Slightly Stoopid are scheduled to play Saturday, June 26, at the Celebrity Theatre.
Even nearly 15 years after his death, the legacy of Sublime singer Bradley Nowell permeates the musical ecosystem in a number of surprising ways. While many styles and genres have come and gone over the years, Sublime's pot-fueled white-boy reggae-rock has never really gone out of fashion, with either subtle hints or blatant lifts seen in Jack Johnson, The Dirty Heads, and various other frat-house staples over the past decade and a half. Y'know, there will always be a new high school sophomore looking for some tunes to accompany his inaugural viewing of Up in Smoke. San Diego's Slightly Stoopid aren't just of that same mold; they actually were discovered by Nowell out of high school, and their self-titled debut was released on the late singer's Skunk Records. When one band was ending, another was just beginning, with Slightly Stoopid picking up some of Sublime's slack, albeit on a much more underground basis. Despite never being on a major label, they've steadily built a fan base and played pretty much every major festival. It helps to have friends with common goals. Slightly Stoopid will be joined on their "Cauzin' Vapors: Legalize It 2010" tour later this summer by Cypress "Hits from the Bong" Hill.
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