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Find a way to welcome immigrants: While I am very sympathetic regarding the death of Mr. Rob Krentz and feel very sorry for his family, I don't think the state of Arizona is doing the right thing to enact this law.

Nor do I think [SB 1070] is going to be very effective in stopping the migration of illegals into our country.

The issue of immigration is a huge one, largely because of economics. We say that we want to stop illegal immigration, yet large and small companies are usually more than willing to employ them. In many parts of our nation, our economy cannot be sustained without immigrants who are willing to work for minimum wage or less.

Let's try to figure out a way to welcome immigrants into our country — that is, people who are willing to work and support their families — and make them legal residents and a part of our productive economy.
Yvonne Gatz, Jacksonville, Florida

Nothing "off the wall" here: I have often thought about how New Times' reporting is "off the wall." However, your "Cowboy Down" story, about the murder of Rob Krentz, was wonderful, factual, and told without misconception or flamboyancy.

It is one of the best news articles that I have ever seen. Thank you so much for covering this tragedy.
Linda and George Vensel, Patagonia

Who's the real asshole here?: Not a bad story on the rancher. However, do the citizens of Arizona a favor and print the entire SB 1070, as signed into law and amended. Then read the damn bill yourself!

You and the rest of the open-borders assholes are doing an injustice to the Hispanic community by spreading lies and distorting the truth. The law clearly states that "racial profiling" cannot and will not be tolerated.

Also, if you really want to maintain some kind of credibility, leave this paper and find better jobs.

If you want to let this country of opportunity through hard work (not handouts) become like another Third Word shit-hole, then let's let in all the world's uneducated, unskilled, and hopeless. Oh, by the way, they can stay at your house, drive your car, eat your food, and do whatever to your family.
Craig Tillman, Phoenix

Shooter's background still a mystery: Backing up just a bit, I find it odd that so many people have concluded that this unfortunate murder was perpetrated by an illegal.

Nobody has been apprehended. The only eyewitness is dead. What do we really know about the murder?

We know that some empty cartridges were found near the murder scene. I suppose we could infer that the murder weapon was probably a semi-automatic pistol or rifle, since a revolver wouldn't eject empty cartridges. So if the weapon ever turns up, it can probably be matched to the cartridges. If the shooter was too casual, there might be prints on the cartridge cases. I'm guessing that's about all that can reasonably be inferred from what police have disclosed about the investigation.

So far, only a secondhand account of a garbled radio transmission and the geographic location suggest that an "illegal" might have been the perpetrator. This, of course, didn't and doesn't prevent political capitalization on the part of right-wingers.
Joe Curwen, Phoenix

Who will save America?: My heart goes out to the Krentz family. Unfortunately, the media usually portrays law-abiding citizens as cruel and unfeeling, while they portray Mexican illegals as poor, unfortunate victims.

Nothing is being done to save [America]. We have to deal with trashed neighborhoods, graffiti, crime, drugs, and blight. It breaks my heart to see what is happening.
Linda Majors, Phoenix

This death shouldn't have happened: This particular article angered me [so much that] I truly had to control my emotions. That no one heeded the plea about continuous trespassing is terrible.

This [death] should never have happened, and I feel it has happened before — maybe even worse.

My condolences go out to [widow Sue Krentz]. I know she is strong, but she will always have to live with this memory. I think she deserves more, and I wish it for her.
Deon Thomas, Phoenix

Not all "Mexicans" are Mexican: Someone needs to start telling people that the immigrants coming from Mexico are not all Mexican.

Mexico [similar] issues as Arizona. People from South America and Central America are funneling in there. Someone needs to start telling all the idiots who only complain about Mexico and Mexicans that there is a whole range of people coming illegally through Mexico to the United States.

I think both countries can work together to stop illegal immigration. And, for God's sake, [enact] SB 1070 so all those illegals abusing the system go home.

Yeah, it sucks, but all the illegals make it difficult for those of us who migrated here to have a better life and followed the rules.

I'd also like to see all the European and Asian illegals sent back home, too. I'm tired of trying to talk to guys who can't speak English, people who try to talk to me in Russian or Greek or something.

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"Let's try to figure out a way to welcome immigrants into our country — that is, people who are willing to work and support their families — and make them legal residents and a part of our productive economy."

Ms Gatz,

You are full of sh*t. I have been married to a Canadian for nearly 2 years now. It took us 15 months and 1000's of dollars to get her "green card". Now with her "provisional" 2-year green card about to expire, we have to come up with another $600 filing fee for her "regular" 10-year card. And she she came in through the front door.

So don't advocating for making invaders legal. Do you actually think they have the financial resources to pay the huge fees? I seriously doubt it. So will they get free or reduced cost green cards? That is just not right.


When was the last time that the MCSO had a raid at the Polish Catholic Church in Phoenix or for that matter at any of the other religious institutions that identify themselves with a foreign nationality first and then faith second.

Shurf wouldn't have to go into the churches, he would just have to set up a command post outside.

But you won't see this happen. You will only see his sweeps involving sweeping up brown skinned people and then sifting them out to see who's here past their visa expiration.

For all of you who are defending this stupid bill, and telling us to read the fine print in it that there is to be no racial profiling.

Well, actions speak louder than words.

And until an "action" is taken that does not involve hispanics but targets another place where illegals could be trying to blend in then yes, the bill is all about racial profiling.

Just because it is written into the law, that doesn't mean that MCSO is going to follow it. As evidenced by their ACTIONS before and since.

All of you want to blah blah blah but I've heard your blah blah blahs before. When you were all screaming for bin Laden's head and your government lied to you and didn't and has thrown an already unstable middle east into chaos. bin Laden was never a serious target at all.

Why didn't you scream for the prez to go after the country that supplied most of the terrorists on 9/11? Saudi Arabia. You know, our "ally" that murders women if their heads aren't covered. You were all easily duped into what Bushco wanted you to believe. But, please, do not think that everyone can be duped as easily as you. By placing that 'no racial profiling' into the SB, feel free to be duped again. But I ain't drinking the koolaid.


The United States shoul lock up all borders from north Canada to South Mexico. Yes we had terrorist coming in from Canada and Mexico. There are a lot of Asians coming into the US from Canada and alot of them are illigal and they too pay coyote big$$$$$ but you never hear about that. There are a lot of Russians in Hollywoo ca living off the Gov. but no one knows about that I do because I worked a transported their children to schools. A lot of Iranian RUDE MEN who treated me a woman with no respect because they thought they were better than me but they were on welfare and their children were on the system. But that was OK. It just makes no sense how you can condemn one race and turn a blind eye to others. If you turned in the Asians your spouses would choke you because they couldn't wear sandel with crusty feet. Think about it


Oh people you will talk till you are blue in the face and guess what the will of God is what is going to happen here, not the Neo Nazies nor the hard core repulicans (1st in that line that lady Govenor)nor anyone who is hiding under this is my country and we do not want those people here will come out the victor here. The power and faith of real Christians is working here and that law will never come to be , it is in the hands of the most powerful of all , he is the King of Kings and he rules all nations and he is greater then anyone on this earth and even beyond. He will come to our rescue and the oppressed shall be set free and the rich and hateful will not win this one niether.


I have heard all the talk, balk, and crying going on over this new law going into effect. People, please try to look outside the box on this issue. Arizona did not create a law that is being enforced to get rid of the Hispanic population as many have said. There are many nationalities crossing the border from Mexico, and this law enforces ALL ILLEGAL immigration to Arizona. It is not a law that allows profiling as people have said. If ANYONE is stopped by the police and cannot identify themselves with a legal government issued ID, Work Visa, or some form of Federally issued immigration paperwork, they will be prosecuted for being here illegally. End of story. This law that 70% of the Arizona population voted already a Federal Law, just not an enforced law. Think about this, Arizona had 70% of it's population vote yes on this law. 70%! The majority of Arizona's population is not White Americans. All of the people that voted for this law, have one thing in common and that is to enforce a Federal Law that already exists. People cannot come to this country to live, or work without proper citizanship, work visa's, or identification. Our border passages are unsecure, and that's the bottom line. Our borders are being used for drug trafficking, murder, violent attacks, trash dumps, and the list goes on. The only reason other states have not implemented the enforcement of this Federal law that has existed for many years is that they don't have the problem with immigration like we do. Another thing to think about, very few immigrants coming across the AZ/Mexico border move to the Northern, Eastern, Southern, or the plains states. This law is not enacted to be cruel to anyone. It is meant to help Arizona's legal residents, and economy continue to survive in the labor, life, and economic manner in which we are entitled to as legal citizens of the United States. If people want to be here, then do it the legal and right way.


It is astounding how ignorant some people are of the issues that have been going on in our society.

People keep complaining about illegal immigrants getting handouts from the government, when the truth is, most government programs do not extend help to illegal immigrants. There are few programs which illegals are eligible for.

Also, they complain about illegals not paying taxes. I am a young Mexican-American man. I am a citizen, but much of my family is not. Some of my direct family members came to this country illegaly. However, for the majority of the time they have been here, they have all payed taxes just like everybody else. The only times that anyone in my family that is residing in this country has not payed taxes was when they were unemployed.

And the statement that gets under my skin the most is that illegal immigrants are a plague to the United States. It angers me when they say that 'Mexicans' contribute nothing to this society and that all they do is lower the quality of life for the citizens of the country. As I said before, much of my immediate family came to the United States illegaly. I cannot say that they were right in doing so. But I can say this; I am a soldier in the United States Army. I am currently deployed to Iraq fighting for the freedom of the 99% of the United States population that has never served in the Armed Forces.

What have YOU done to better the quality of life for anyone other than YOURSELF? What have you done to protect the freedoms and rights that were established by this country's founding fathers?

I am a citizen, but only for the simple fact that my mother was already in the United States when I was conceived. Three people in my platoon alone came to the U.S. illegaly, and have since become naturalized citizens. There are more who's parents were also illegal, but happened to have been born in the United States. Considering the fact that some 'wetbacks' are more willing to fight for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA than the majority of people who 'belong there', why is it that we are treated as though we do not deserve to be in this great nation?

R Boone
R Boone

It's time for the United States of America to take care of itself instead of everyone else. Lock up our borders and pull back our troops, let the rest of the world work out their problems for awhile on their own.They will come begging for US again

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