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Local photog captures Valley artists on film

Sure, it's easy for people to look at pieces of art and come up with their own meanings for them, but perhaps an up-close-and-personal look at the artists themselves can give some insight, too.

That's exactly what local artist and blogger Chuck Banaszewski hopes to achieve with his collection “Photo Essays: A Pictorial Study of Four Phoenix-Based Urban Artists,” a behind-the-scenes look at four Phoenix-based artists that goes beyond just capturing them in their elements. Banaszewski, who is also a painter and actor, followed the artists for a couple of days, snapping images of them and putting together dozens of quirky photos that give glimpses into their lives.

The show, already a hit at Tempe’s Cartel Coffee Lab, recently made the move to Yucca Tap Room, where you can enjoy the works while downing a $2 can of PBR. Those who are ages 21 and older may view the exhibit for free.

June 16-July 10, 2010
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