Cold Town Scottsdale

Ice sculptures and Brady Bunch art makes for cool summer ArtWalk

Before you hole yourself up in an air-conditioned bunker eating ice cream and wearing nothing but a thong this summer, wake up and notice the many positive things Phoenix offers in the off-season: smaller crowds, water parks, and the annual Summer Spectacular ArtWalk.

Look for live jazz and folk music, free food samples, and ice sculptures that melt to reveal prizes hidden inside. Events along the ArtWalk route include a signing by children's book illustrator Sylvia Long at Duley-Jones Gallery, an exhibition of Arizona artists such as Chaille Trevor and Ka Fisher at Wilde Meyer, and an opening reception for former Brady Bunch actress Eve Plumb's latest coffee-inspired paintings at Bonner David Gallery.

Why isn’t Plumb painting instead of pounding the pavement looking for new acting gigs? “[Painting] gives me a feeling of control over my creative life,” Plumb explains on her website. “An actor often has to wait for projects to come along, but I can paint any time of the day.”

Thu., July 8, 7-9 p.m., 2010
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What kind of a story is this? You headline "Cold Town Scottsdale" and then you talk about Phoenix with no mention of what "Cold Town" means. What are you ...nuts?

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