Robert Plant

Robert Plant
Robert Plant


Robert Plant is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, July 20, at Dodge Theatre.
Most of the free world — including Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, we hear — would probably love to see Robert Plant move past his recent O Brother, Where Art Thou? phase and get on with a full-scale reunion of (what's left of) Led Zeppelin. No dice. Ol' Bob seems to have settled nicely into the role of stately English countryside gentleman, and he much prefers performing rustic, old-timey Americana/bluegrass over attempting to squeal "Whole Lotta Love" in the bombastic manner it and other Zep classics deserve for belly-bumping weekend warriors with hundreds of dollars to burn on concert tickets. And, yeah, it's not like he needs the paycheck. So Plant returns with Band of Joy, a similarly styled follow-up to Raising Sand, his acclaimed 2007 collaboration with Alison Krauss. Band of Joy, as Led Zep die-hards surely know, was Plant's pre-Zeppelin psychedelic rock outfit. His current Band of Joy — which helped him record the eponymous new disc — is a sextet that includes old-school Nashville songwriter/guitarist Buddy Miller and singer-songwriter Patty Griffin. In many ways, Plant has returned to the music that inspired Led Zeppelin in the first place, and his latest explorations sound terrific. Embrace it, because the likelihood of a Led Zep reunion is over the hills and far away.
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I was in Phoenix, i came from France with the pleasure to see Plant with is new group.Big deception. this was a country, bluegrass gospel concert. You remove the name Plant and you have a kind of group you can hear every weekend. I loved Strange Sensations who had a rock sound revisiting the old led Zep with brio and invention. The old led Zep by Band of Joy revisited were really terrible. Robert Plant will have problem with this kind of concert in Europe in automn.


Hey get your head out of the sand Plant keeps getting better and better, go dust your old LPs off smoke your pot and sit in your mom's basement and play your zepplin, the rest of us are enjoying the new stuff yes that would including Jimmie Page, also when Zepplin first came out everyone hated them in 69 - I guess you need MTV to tell you what to like


this concert was a complete waste of time, 95% crap. Don't waste your time or money seeing or listening to band of joy, should be band of misery!


In the 90's a friend of mine saw the no quarter tour with Page and Plant. He said it was said compare to the Zep days.

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