Tapped Out

Eavesdropping made easy with Jonathan Goldstein

Count on Mesa Arts Center to bring the quirky. Not every venue is savvy enough to bring us a live taping of an acclaimed program from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

That's right — it's Jonathan Goldstein with "Wire Tap Live!"

The Wire Tap radio show features Goldstein engaging in conversations (often on the phone) with people he's already met. Some talks are narrated or restaged, e.g., "I think that Souvlaki soup you insisted on preparing has given half the guests the trots." Gripping, eh?

Seriously, though, eavesdropping on Goldstein beats listening to most people we know – and U.S. terrestrial radiophiles already enjoy his voice and style on NPR's This American Life. (You can also hear Wire Tap on Sirius Satellite 137 or access podcasts at www.cbc.ca.)

Sat., July 31, 8 p.m., 2010
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