Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, August 18, 2010


Stupid people electing stupid people: Thank God New Times has the guts to tell the truth about the illegal-immigration situation. Michael Lacey's assessment of what's happening was pitch-perfect.

But you guys at New Times shouldn't think you're convincing the majority of the public in Arizona that you're right. This place is so bloated with rednecks — who refuse to listen to an iota of reasoned thought on what to do about immigration — that all you're really doing is pissing them off.

Every article like this just galvanizes these racist kooks, makes them firmer in their belief that if Mexicans can't be run out of the country, they should be lined up and shot. I may be a fourth-generation U.S. citizen, but it's become clear to me over the last few years that people who look like me are the new N-words in this country. I get racially profiled — though maybe not by cops — every day.

It's sad that stupid people vote in stupid people to run this state. Look at Governor Jan Brewer, [Senate Bill 1070 author and state Senator] Russell Pearce, even [U.S. Senator] Jon Kyl! All of them are such liars and bigots. I have no hope that anything will ever change for the better here.

Albert Nevarez, Yuma

Doing our part: Thanks for the righteous "Get Out" article. You guys are adding sanity in this insane place. Wish the rest of the press in Arizona would follow suit.
Michael Gorman, Tucson

Okay, so you're a law-abiding cracker: I have to disagree with your assessment of SB 1070 and of our past immigrants.

In the early 1800s, and again a hundred years later, immigrants came to become Americans and become part of the American culture. They left families behind in search of work and freedom. Then, when able, they paid for their families to follow and become American citizens.

No matter where they came from, their first priority was to learn English and learn American customs and ways. They did this so they could get work and fit in.

Sure, you can dig up anything from the past or present and color it the way you want. SB 1070 is against any illegal in Arizona, not just the Mexicans, as you depicted. But as it happens, the majority here illegally are from Mexico and other Central and South American countries.

I am against illegal immigration, but not against legal immigration. Did you even try to find legal (Mexican-heritage) immigrants who agree with SB 1070, or do you think all Mexicans are against the bill? Your words are hollow and below the belt.

Furthermore, I resent being labeled a hillbilly/cracker. I follow the law.
Dan Bjerke, address unavailable

Bzzt! You guessed wrong: So let me guess . . . the illegals want to run free with no kind of proof of legal status in the United States so that when they commit crimes, get behind the wheel and kill someone drunk driving, then they can just flee the states and get away with it.

I'm from Nicaragua, and if I wanted to remain in this country, I had to do the right thing and get legal. What's fair is fair. Obey the law.
Hector Mendoza, address unavailable

Only citizens deserve social services: You can't have open borders and provide a bunch of taxpayer-funded social services.

If you want open borders so that anyone from another country can come here, work, and take care of their families, then you need to give up your free education, welfare, and other social services. If everyone pays for the resources that they use, then there's no reason why people can't come here to work.

If you do want taxpayer-funded social services and universal healthcare and all the other things that Democrats seem to favor, then we need to protect our borders and make sure that people aren't here illegally.

Keep in mind that Arizona's law mirrored the federal government's, and that is why a judge shot down most of it. It had nothing to do with racism or racial profiling.

Isaac Ortega, address unavailable

That's all we're saying: I feel for people like the gentleman [Daniel Magos] in this story. What happened to him should not have happened, and racial profiling is bad no matter whom it is done to.
Name withheld

Oh, Jason, why do you hate babies?: It's not [the] color of your skin; it is the law. I am sad that Mexico does not treat its own people well. That they have to come here to live a better life. What really makes me mad is that, when they get here, they start popping out kids left and right and then cry that their families are being broken apart.

If you have a problem with this, there is a process for obtaining citizenship. I am very tired of the non-citizens crying racial profiling.

Go through the process of being legal, like my family did in the 1800s. Then maybe you have a right to complain. Otherwise, go home.
Jason Wutt, address unavailable

And traffic used to be so sweet: Focusing our frustration on the illegals in this country will not be nearly as effective as focusing it on the people we elect to run this country.

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I have a hobby. Every Wednesday I drive around to the locations in my neighborhood that have New Times stands and I openly take the entire stack of freshly printed papers and pile them in my car. After a couple hours I usually gather about 500 papers or so (total guess on my part, I have never bothered to count). I then take them to the first dumpster I find and throw them in. I call it my personal BOYCOTT. I know it isn't much, but I take heart in the knowledge that I am doing my part to take down the mindless PC-propaganda machine that is called the New Times. If you are like me, and you are sick to death of the hateful extremist bullshit that is constantly streaming out of this paper I encourage you to do the same thing. Every time you see a New Times stand take all the papers in the stand and throw them away. Together we can force the editors of the New Times to go back to the good old "Entertainment" reporting they used to engage in. Otherwise we will simply bury them. Either way works for me.


This is in response to the bold font prefacing Dan Bjerke's letter which said: "Okay, so you're a law-abiding cracker" Is this is a COMMENT FROM THE EDITOR!?!? The funny/sad thing about it is that you probably consider yourself a paragon of liberalism and a champion against racism and prejudice. Whatever you consider yourself to be you are nothing but a RACIST PIG. You have no qualms about calling white-people CRACKERS yet I can only imagine the righteous outrage that would ensue from this rag if one of your detractors was to so openly call you an N-word or B-word. Your hypocrisy is overwhelming, I generally agree with much of your paper's political stands but I am so OUTRAGED at your hypocritical RACISM that I will never pick up another New Times paper for the rest of my life. I know it doesn't matter to you, but I am certain that thousands of your previously loyal readers agree with me.


I hate the fact that AMERICANS are supporting illegal immigrants by calling it racial profiling. Or that AMERICANS wont see what they are doing to our country. Why are AMERICANS turning into traitors???? That is very sad!!!!


New Times, you better be looking to relocate your "paper" because you do not belong in AZ. This paper if you wish to call it that, is nothing more than the National Inquirer that you see at the supermarket. Real journalism in this country is dead along with the TV news also. They will call us racist, Nazi, bigots, rednecks and then in the same sentence ask for tolerance? Get a clue!


If you do it legal power to you I don't care if you are pink w/ purple poka dot just do it right

Dave Francis
Dave Francis

There are the fanatics who are deviously intent on passing immigration reform—or AMNESTY. It will kill us financially, because to process all these people--would not just be prepared by the government, but hundreds of thousands of wily attorney's, whose objective is to get approved every illegal alien they can? It will cost Americans Billions of dollars through supplementary taxes. The most essential adjustment we can do is to begin ejecting incumbents from political office. Take away the votes from Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) as he and his factions are behind enacting another Amnesty law. Sen. Reid almost faded out E-Verify and deliberately erase the second fence under the 2006 Secure Fence Act, with other pro-amnesty extremists. Speaker Nancy Pelosi must go as well, with a long line of Democrats and some Republicans.

We shall count the days till November, when we can remove these people, who will otherwise lead this nation to the poor house in the future with potential overpopulation and economic collapse. We should all be alert this November, to who is voting in the polling places, as illegal aliens have voted before and will again in states with the "Honor System." In states where there are giant blocks of illegal households, we must be especially careful and watch for irregularities in absentee ballot votes. Other areas to scrutinize are Sanctuary Cities such as California, where the honor system is still apparent and a state with a massive margin of legal workers and their families have illegally settled. More honest and reliable answers at NUMBERSUSA. All legal people in the United States should stand with their representatives, who are enacting immigration policing laws such as Arizonas and be ready for the deadly hail of propaganda from the Liberal outcasts?

Every state that uses the "honor System" for voting , should be under suspicion for violation of a very laidback election laws. It may be time to use the same method as other countries to identify people such as fingerprint system, as our democracy is under constant attack by political extremists.I see the awakening of a new revolution--not with the sword--but withholding the vote? In many respects we cannot denounce President Obama for the economic doldrums we find ourselves in, as his Liberal czars who are the influence in guiding him in the wrong direction.. Giving amnesty to 18 and up million illegal aliens has never been enacted in our history. America granted amnesty to 2.8 million illegal residents in 1986 and the INS reported that almost 10 million family petitions were approved adding to 2.8 million already here.

So comprehending an amnesty to the 18 million and upwards today, which would convert into least somewhere around 50 and 100 million after family petitions are granted? The issue is 100 million new residents or even 50 million from the results of breaking the law. When I viewed that “illegals do jobs Americans won't do” as it’s always parroted to the public Be very aware that Swift plants raided in 2006, ICE found 1,200 illegals working there. Within one week 900 of those jobs were filled by unemployed.


"This place is so bloated with rednecks"

It is obvious the writer is using redneck as a derogatory slang term for poor white citizens or anyone who agrees with them. He tosses it around like a safe racist slur. His statement suggests that these people people are inherently stupid and ignorant. The question one would have to ask is why does the writer think these people share stupidity (which cannot be corrected) as an inherent trait? His use or redneck suggests only two common factors, economic class and race. I doubt he is saying all poor people are stupid and ignorant. If so that would include poor minorities, including many (both legal and illegal) immigrants. The only other factor left is race. Perhaps the writer should preface his commentary by saying he thinks it is ok to be a racist, as long as you agree with him.

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