Sette Summer Sun

Scottsdale gallery distracts us from the heat

Rather than whine about the high temperatures, as we’ve spent the past three months doing, Lisa Sette got constructive about it. A new show called “From the Ground Up” has, for much of the summer, been distracting us from the monstrous weather with new works by well-regarded artists, each of whom has captured summer as seen by people who don’t live in the fiery, relentlessly hot desert: Idyllic; peaceful; warm.

There’s Mayme Kratz’s Pale Dream 4, another of her gorgeous resin pieces, this one a delicate whirl of cicada wings floating above a field of tall grass. Vietnamese artist Binh Danh’s resin-and-plant prints project stark photographic images onto leaves and other foliage. And there are new works from Beverly Penn, Alan Burr Johnson, and several others -- all intent on helping us remember that, for some, summer means more than just crummy weather.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: July 9. Continues through Oct. 30, 2010
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