Blue Oyster Cult, & Foghat @ Celebrity Theatre

Blue Öyster Cult
Blue Öyster Cult

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Celebrity Theatre

440 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008-6205

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Blue Öyster Cult and Foghat are scheduled to perform on Friday, September 17, at Celebrity Theatre.

You know that gag in This Is Spinal Tap involving the band's ever-rotating carousel of deceased or otherwise combusted drummers? Foghat's Roger Earl is the living antithesis of that. For 39 years, spanning no fewer than 20 lineup changes, Earl has survived as the boogie-rock foursome's lone constant — a one-man parody of the disposable-drummer rock trope. And that's meaningful, right? (When the band fires up "Slow Ride," it'll be nice to know there's at least one guy on stage who was present when Foghat first performed the song in 1975.) Conversely, Foghat's current tour mates and fellow oil-embargo-era artifacts Blue Öyster Cult have kept their brain trust more or less intact — both lead vocalist Eric Bloom and lead guitarist Don "Buck Dharma" Roeser have been with the band since its founding in 1967. Known for "Don't Fear the Reaper" and their wicked-awesome laser shows, BOC also lay claim to a lesser accomplishment: They made the unsightliest music video of the 1980s ("Burning for You"), shot under a filthy freeway underpass with what appear to be bona fide vagrants. Check it out online. It's Spinal Tap-esque.

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John Law
John Law

I've seen BOC 4 times dating back to 1978. I was really disappointed in the way the stage was set up and how bad the sound was. The band itself looked to be in great shape. Its a good thing the way they were packed up there so close together trying to move around each other on such a crowded stage. The sound was just bad and not very loud. The Last Days of May and Don't Fear the Reaper were competent and still had energy .I was EXTREMELY disappointed Astronomy was not included in the set as it should have been. It was sad to see a once Arena Headliner playing for hat change by the size of the crowd. I'm not a huge Foghat fan, but they played good for aging rockers. Sound was a little better and louder. That being said I couldn't help but think there should be an age limit set on these bands.Fans Maybe tongue and cheek, but the original drummer looked worn out and I felt sorry for his joints in his elbows and shoulders from millions of beats over the year. as having worked there in years past the Celebrity looked good for its age. However, carnival purples and orange color schemes gave it a b movie set appearance.


Great concert! Both BOC and Foghat were excellent. I was fortunate to have seen both groups some time ago (Original members) and these guys were just as good!Celebrity T. is the best venue in the valley.

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