I'll admit that it's pathetic for me to still care enough to feel betrayed by each release. I can't exactly blame Cuomo for collecting the easy paycheck. After all, he tried the "artsy" thing once, and it got him booted from the pop charts, forcing him into hiding, where he nursed his wounds with Asian-girl fetishes, soccer shorts, and theories of song construction.

No wonder he's clammed up, but I can't help asking whether it was always a clever joke played on me, the listener who found something meaningful in those early songs, that dumb kid sharing his rock 'n' roll with his dad.

Yet I still play "Blue" and Pinkerton and their assorted B-sides. I won't be seeing Weezer take the stage this go-around, but Rivers and company have publicly discussed a tour playing nothing but those first two albums. It sounds like another calculated business plan, but I could probably be talked into going, if only for the chance to listen to the band momentarily discard the past 10 years, taking private pride in singing along.

Weezer, circa "the Blue Album"
Weezer, circa "the Blue Album"


Weezer is scheduled to perform at Arizona Fall Frenzy on Saturday, September 18, at Tempe Beach Park.

"The driver said, 'Hey, man, we go all the way, of course we were willing to pay.'"

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Reading these makes me want to go die. Everyone is saying roughly the same stuff, Weezer is not what they used to be. Of course not! If they didn't experiment they would have been a one-hit-wonder and everyone would have moaned about how they needed new stuff. & yeah, Rivers is writing for himself. He doesn't know you, he won't know you, but you'll damn sure know him when you're listening to Weezer's songs & that's what it's all about.=w=

William Novak
William Novak

A two page "There old stuff was better" article, awesome.

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