Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, September 16, 2010


PETA types make Dean sick: Why do people go so crazy over pit bull fighting? If you ask me, the haters of this sport are just a bunch of elitists who don't understand that poor people don't have the money to go to the horse track or to Las Vegas and must find a way to wager within their means.

The whole thing about [NFL quarterback] Michael Vick was about that. Vick grew up poor and was into dogfighting, like the rest of his buddies in the 'hood. What he did was wrong — he went too far — but there are killers of people who got off lighter.

And, for fuck's sake, these are pit bulls! These animals are not exactly nice, cuddly little things. How many times have we read of a pit bull attacking some kid and ripping his face off? Why not just let the buggers rip off each other's faces?

PETA types make me sick! Why don't they start worrying about atrocities against human beings and stop obsessing about dumb animals?
Dean King, Phoenix

Is Jim what you mean about elitist, Dean?: Isn't it ironic how people who fight dogs are all a bunch of stupid rednecks, low-class blacks, or ignorant Mexicans? Looking for a reason to persecute such "people"? Do it because they're unbelievably cruel to animals.
Jim Milton, Phoenix

Don't piss off Sean, people: Wanna get your head kicked right the fuck in? Let me catch you fighting your dog. Not at all a joke. Read the article before you judge me, please. This shit in New Times made me want to cry.
Sean Maple, address unavailable

Cheri's got a violent streak: The owners of these fighting pit bulls should be dismembered one [limb] at a time. That way, they would feel what it's like to eventually die from their wounds, or from starvation.

The one dog in the story that had its lips cut off . . . The owner needs to get his lips removed.

We are supposed to be the top of the food chain and are supposed to be the humane ones. I have no compassion for the animals — people — in the story. I would love to put a bullet in each leg, then each arm, then the feet, the hands, the thighs, the shoulders, 'til they begged me to kill them. Then, I would loom over them and laugh.

Yes I'm sadistic, but when people act like vicious animals themselves, they deserve to get what they've put the animals through.
Cheri Adriana, no address available

Who could possibly call it "sport"?: Great article. I would love to see a similar article on the psychology of those who find this kind of "sport" acceptable. It takes truly sick minds to watch this, much less organize it.

J. Barrett, address unavailable

Is torture really necessary?: Come find me and I will be willing to torture the scumbags who facilitate dogfights. Group in this category people who participate in them — owners, breeders, and whoever has ties to dogfights.
Name withheld

May they be reincarnated as fight dogs: This article was very disturbing. I find it appalling that people find it acceptable to exploit an animal simply for monetary gain and for the lust of blood. It is so sad that an innocent animal is trained to be aggressive with no love given from its master.

I hope these owners are reincarnated as pit bulls and get caught in the tortuous life they've subjected their animals to.
Name withheld

No pit bulls in the home!: Let me start by saying that dogfighting is wrong! And it really sucks that pit bulls get a bad reputation for things like this. But . . .

Pit bulls should not be family dogs! Any pit bull, no matter how it's raised, is going to have some aggression. It is in their nature — they are an aggressive breed.

Uneducated people who have them as family pets need to stop giving out bad information. Any dog can turn on anyone, but pit bulls are just more prone to this because they are bullheaded and stubborn. Learn your breed.
Name withheld


A sadly low approval rate: It's ridiculous how few applications for political asylum are granted to Mexicans wanting to come to this country — especially with the mayhem going on down there these days.

The case that New Times keeps making for comprehensive immigration reform in its "Amongst Us" series is beyond compelling!
Rita Merchant, Phoenix

Grow up, New Times: Immigration law, as a matter of necessity, is about as emotional, as, say, a traffic light. The light is currently red.

There are just so many immigrants, legal and otherwise, that this country can successfully assimilate without becoming a Third World country. [As for] selective exceptions based on human misery, I couldn't tell you where to stop.

There is no inherent legal right for any person in any country to move to the United States and be granted citizenship. This country is not some sort of infinitely expandable wonderland that can magically absorb the rest of [the] world's unhappy throngs, thereby rendering them both rich and enlightened.

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Open Minded
Open Minded

Pit bulls from responsible breeders are very loving and well blanced animals. It is when you have thugs and idiots breeding overly aggresive dogs in their backyards that you end up with the dogs that attack people. I own a pitbull and everyone who has met him says they cant belive how friendly he is. Dont you find it odd that most people who work with dogs for a living are quick to defend the Pitbull breed? If they were vicious animals wouldnt you think that people like Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) wouldnt own them?


Dean, I suppose you find this an acceptable way to spend your poor, lazy, black, ass time then, right? Cause you “ain’t no elitist” who can go to the track in Las Vegas. Well guess what DEAN? I’m not an Elitist either, and I cant afford to go to the track in Las Vegas either but I sure as hell don’t think its ok to take a loving pit bull, and yes I said LOVING PIT BULL and make them fight for your sorry ass version of sick entertainment! Pits are a very loving dog, it’s the owner that makes them mean not the breed! I think your comments speak enough for that. Now all we have to do is get rid of dumb ass humans like you !


Cherie, you want to start at the hands and move inward towards the body. They're not gonna feel the hands once you've nailed the arms.

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