Greater Good

Holocaust survivor speaks in downtown

If anyone has a right to hold a grudge, it’s Eva Mozes Kor. As a young child, Ms. Kor and her twin sister Miriam were victims of Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele’s barbaric experiments at Auschwitz. And yet, in spite of the atrocities committed against her, Ms. Kor has carved out a life as an advocate for forgiveness.

An exhibit detailing her experiences debuts at the Orpheum Theatre. “Intertwined Lives: Dr. Mengele, Eugenics, and the Mozes Twins” uses photographs, documents, and text to give context to Ms. Kor’s experiences, and demonstrates that “every human being has an unlimited capacity for both good and evil.”

The opening gala will feature a keynote address from Ms. Kor herself.

Mon., Oct. 4, 7-9 p.m., 2010
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