Talent Showoffs

Peep Prince Poppycock in person

Whether you think NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent proves that America does indeed have some talent or America’s got too much free time, one thing is for sure: Watching random nobodies get schooled by a panel of bitter D-listers can be pretty entertaining. Sure, there’s nothing highbrow about Howie Mandel. And calling something your “guilty pleasure” is totally cliché, but whatever. It’s damn awesome.

Just because season five is over doesn’t mean it’s too late to get goose bumps from the pipes on that pint-sized opera singer. America’s Got Talent Live, which has launched its first tour, docks at Dodge Theatre. It features tiny opera diva Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, eight other fan faves from this season’s cast, and host Jerry Springer.

Wed., Oct. 6, 7:30 p.m., 2010
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