Very Munny

monOrchid hosts more vinyl than a record shop

The last toy we ever scribbled on was our keepsake Alice In Wonderland doll. Then Mom discovered the gangster tats on her face. Oh, if only Kid Robot’s Munny toys had been around, our butt would be slightly less scarred.

Acrylic Squid, Red Hot Robot, and Keep-A-Breast Foundation present “Milk Munny.” The show features sixty-two artists’ creative renderings on the vinyl Munny doll. Local draw-gooders include Dumperfoo, Mike Maas, and Luis Daniel Gutierrez, while national support includes Los Angeles' Kat Von D's collaborative illustration of a dueling hare and crow and Seattle's Kevin Gosselin's monstrous golem from Hebrew folklore. In other words, expect everything from luchadores and zombies to intricate and artistic freestylings in paint and ink.

Fri., Oct. 1, 7 p.m., 2010
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