Some try very hard to be what they perceive is the expectation of parents and their religious leaders.

And why wreck a spouse's life trying to be straight? Explore your sexuality and enjoy it; it is a part of you, and you cannot change it.

There is no cosmetic surgery to add a little here and take away a little there. Too bad the Mormon Church is not better educated and up to date on real life. I feel sorry for all Mormons.
Randy Blackmer, address unavailable

Nothing but gossip: Oh, big whoop! There are way more important things going on than whose son likes to plow whose nephew's back 40. This is just a bunch of irrelevant gossip.
F. Allen, address unavailable

Changing of the GOP guard: Thanks for such a great article. As a young person, I identify myself as a Republican because I wholeheartedly support the ideals of the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, the party has been hijacked by wingnuts who believe that "individuals, not government, can make the best decisions" so long as that decision conforms to their world religious view and that government enacts laws enforcing that view.

I hope that there will be a changing of the guard in the Republican Party as baby boomers retire. [Then] young Republicans like Matt Salmon and Meghan McCain can return the party to its roots of small government, individual liberties and equality for all.
Name withheld

Commending Matt and Kent: Great story on these two courageous young men who share what it's like to "come out" in conservative, religious families. These families could use the support and education of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

Regardless, Matt and Kent are to be commended for sharing their personal stories so publicly so that the public can learn from them what it's like to young, gay adults today.
Name withheld

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Ben Quayle's Motor Home or on the road vehicle has Penn License Plates ... Why is he getting the green pass for an illegal vehicle registration that's traveling freely on Arizona streets daily.


Mistalee, ByteRider - you're both just as tarded as Penny and Sharon Kass, though I hate to put it that way, because it gives honest tards a bad name.


@Penny Neal -

Yes, it's frightful that the PNT runs pics of two guys kissing. Frightful.

We prefer to see sexy wimmins swapping spit. Next time, PNT, get with the hot lesbian love.

What, you say that this is not about what titillates us personally, it's about relevance to the story? True, Penny. So why should we give a tin sh!t whether you enjoy viewing two men kissing or not? Go surf a porn site if you want to view pics that get you off.


I said the same thing, too, Mistalee. It was totally uncalled for. No decency.

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