Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's maximum-security time: Indict, indict, indict! What doesn't Joe Arpaio understand about breaking the law ("Indictment Time," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, September 23)?

His nativist supporters always are asking everybody else what don't they understand about the word [illegal]. Now it's Joe Arpaio's turn.

We need to make sure that he is not let off the hook and serves his time like the rest of us would have to: in a maximum-security prison and not in some country-club federal pen.
Leonard Clark, Phoenix

Arpaio must be perp-walked: To think that Joe Arpaio is innocent in all this is just crazy, but that's the way he and his little boy, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, are spinning it.

The reason Arpaio sent the Chief Deputy David Hendershott, et al., mess to Baboon is that he knows it will get whitewashed that way.

Baboon will come down hard on the likes of Hendershott and Captain Joel Fox (they are the fall guys), but he will rubber-stamp the idea that Joe was bamboozled by these evil men.

Who knows the extent of the details Joe knew about going after various political enemies? But he certainly endorsed the activities, set the wheels in motion, and backed his men when they carried out his desires.

I could see from a statement that Baboon made on TV the other night where he was going with this: He assured a TV reporter that he would thoroughly investigate the case to help Joe find out what's really going on in his department (see the video attached to "John Hook to the Rescue," September 28).

He's already saying he's letting Joe off the hook — just as he did with that deputy of his, Louie Puroll ("Pinalcchio," Paul Rubin, September 23, and "The Big Spin," in this issue).

I pray that the Justice Department investigating Arpaio's corruption won't buy into this pure bullshit and give this evil top dog a pass.
Arturo Uriarte, Phoenix

Joe's not even a real cop: The MCSO sheriff is not a cop. He is only an elected official in Maricopa County. He doesn't hold AZ P.O.S.T. certification as a peace officer and never has. He can't be a "top cop" if he isn't one.

Rather, he is one of 15 county sheriffs in Arizona. One of many hundreds, if not thousands, in the United States. He's a relatively insignificant person, actually. Just another old goat in Arizona.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

Sniffing out Joe's political corpse: I smell blood in the sand. I think Joe's day may soon be over. Finally. New Times, keep calling bullshit on this old fool. He's on the ropes.
Jim Holtz, Tempe

Um, God put Arpaio in office: Truly we must acknowledge that Joe should have known what was happening in his department. Yet he placed confidence in someone he trusted [David Hendershott], and this man was found not loyal to the best sheriff in the United States.

Look at the big picture and give Joe the respect that he should have. Pray for Joe, as the Bible states. People are in a political position because God put them there. Think about pleasing God.
Laurence Hurd, city unavailable

Stephen Lemons does it again: Lemons hit it on the head again. Great job!
Anthony Wesley, city unavailable

Where's our federal protection?!: What is becoming painfully obvious is the simple fact that our federal agents are just as inept and lazy as those we wish the feds would come down on.

While the level of corruption here in Arizona is now blatantly obvious, what is becoming most disheartening is the simple realization that we really don't have federal protection here in Arizona, other than what is meted out by the federal courts.

Law enforcement and intervention by the feds in Arizona for corruption of state officials is simply nonexistent, and we'd all do well to face up to that fact.

So what about the soon-to-be-decided next state attorney general? If Tom Horne wins the election, will he also prove just as inept as the feds have been?

Or will he remember how Arpaio vehemently backed that worthless piece of shit [former County Attorney] Candy Ass Thomas for AG?
Name withheld

He's a corrupt charlatan: Much of the current controversy surrounding Arpaio and the MCSO is an apples-and-oranges conundrum:

Point 1: Arpaio and his underlings have destroyed the MCSO from within (and ripped off taxpayers) by years of intimidation, corruption, and self-serving publicity stunts. The victims of this mafia are not just the current and past employees, but other politicians and private citizens who have had the audacity to cross The Regime.

Point 2: The illegal-immigration issue is just another of [Arpaio's] stunts. He has twisted this matter to curry favor from a crime-weary citizenry that is understandably upset with the federal government's failure to aggressively enforce the law.

His tough-on-wetbacks shtick is actually an insult to those who want real enforcement and reform, and it has done nothing but pick fights with the feds, which of course allows him to act even "tougher."

I am all for tough, non-politically correct enforcement of the immigration laws. I am not for a sheriff who makes political hay out of a serious subject such as this just to get his name in the headlines — while simultaneously and purposely deflecting real attention from the years of criminal and financial misdeeds within his own organization.

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It's strange that the MCSO/MCAO can hurl charges that can make a first offender Non-bondable in Maricopa County but let law enforcement like MCSO continue years of abuse of power as standard operating procedure. This is what a corrupt justice system looks like. If the Feds cannot reign in Maricopa County top elected officials, then they too, are corrupt. What does this say about America "land of the free"? Wake up people, YOU could be next! ALL are at risk is a county and state running wild and out of control. It's very, very serious and not something to joke about.


what the hell you asswipes dont understand JOE asswipe is abvoe the law.

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