Rocket Burger & Subs' Sandwiches Go Down Easy with One of the Restaurant's More Than 200 Brands of Soda

Steve Nash, co-owner and cook at Rocket Burger & Subs isn't a Midwesterner, but he sure as hell slings hash like one.

His chili cheese dog is a delicious mess that made this Detroit girl misty-eyed with memories of Coneys past. Then there's the Wisconsin snack of fried cheese curds. The gooey bits of breaded fried cheese have enough must-have-more-ness in them to give Culver's a run for their money. Farther east, there's The New Yorker Sub: Piled high with Nash's signature cole slaw atop thinly sliced pastrami on a toasted wheat bun with homemade Thousand Island dressing, it's crazy-good -- and at three freakin' bucks for a small, it's the best-tasting sub deal in the Valley.

"You want something to drink with that?"

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Rocket Burger and Subs

12038 N. 35th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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Region: North Phoenix


Rocket Burger & Subs
12038 North 35th Avenue

That's Dennis Green, Rocket Burger's shy but helpful co-owner and longtime friend of Nash's. The two met 22 years ago in Washington State, where Green worked for Nash at a Domino's. Eventually, they both ended up in Phoenix, where Nash was learning to cook at his parents' dude ranch in Wickenburg and Green was working for him (again) at his A&W restaurant. Five months ago, they opened Rocket Burger & Subs.

Oh, and that drink decision? It's a doozy.

What to do with a wall of refrigeration units from a former Latino meat market? Nash and Green have ingeniously stocked them with more than 200 kinds of unique sodas, including chocolate, cream, coffee, and Ramune, as well as Faygo, Jolt, numerous ginger ales, lemonades, and 63 brands of root beer. Green's tried most all of them and will steer you in the right direction.

The interior of Rocket Burger (named for the teams of neighboring Moon Valley High School, where Rocket Burger sponsors the football program) is bare-bones bizarre -- a hanging boom box, a variety of yard sale tables and chairs, and a mural of a rocket painted by a regular. But the inexpensive yet tasty food, featuring Nash's sauces, slaw, chili, and onion rings, is all that matters. And while Fry Girl thinks the burgers could use a little work, tell that to the kid I met there who rides his bike four miles every weekend just to get his miniature mitts on one.

"I guess we do what most guys do: The one that's under the most stress gets picked on the most," Nash laughs about the partnership with Green. "I was worried our friendship might suffer, but now that we've got the first few months out of the way, it's good."

You said it, Rocket Man.

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I am lucky enough to live close by and I have been eating here for over a year. Not only are the burgers GYNORMOUS, there awesome, but the owners are super cool as well. Great place to go.


Took a while, but my wife and I just ate there today - oh so good; awesome burgers, awesome rings!

elisa hart
elisa hart

I am a regular with my family and we love dennis and steve. Great guys to talk to and that new yorker my husband gets it everytime. I try to change it up every once in a while but like mu hubby I go for the new yorker and the fries forget about it mmmmmm thanks for reviewing this place they r awsome.Lisa and justin Hart


They don't have Culvers where you are do they? They're still pretty rare here, and if I happen to see one, I try to swing in and get an order of cheese curds. If I haven't eaten, I might even get a burger. Those cheese curds are the work of The Devil. The food at this place sounds good enough that I wish I could have you send me some of it in those ice packed filled styrofoam mini coolers that are used to ship perishable medicines to at home patients. Those slaw topped subs in the photo on the splash page look amazing.