"The Trunk Murders"

She didn’t do it.

Most folks forget -- or don’t know -- that Winnie Ruth Judd did not, in fact, hack up the body of one of her friends and shove it into a steamer trunk in October of 1931. Many of us are convinced, in fact, that she didn’t kill either Agnes LeRoi or Hedvig Samuelson, the friends and roommates she was convicted of murdering. Many people -- like former New Times editor Jana Bommersbach, who wrote a book on the subject -- think Judd was railroaded by sleazy political types.

Trunk Space shows “The Trunk Murders” exhibit based on Judd’s tale.

Oct. 16-Nov. 4; Nov. 6-15, 2010
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who do you think did kill them then? She did have a bullet wound in her hand too.

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