Paul Oakenfold @ Marquee Theatre

Paul Oakenfold
Paul Oakenfold

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

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Paul Oakenfold is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, October 20, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

Paul Oakenfold is getting long in the tooth. Although the 47-year-old British-born trance superstar isn't ready for AARP membership just yet, he's been bringing forth the beats since the Studio 54 era and has outlasted his peers from London's early-'80s DJ scene to become arguably one of the most successful spinsters in the world. He's sold out clubs worldwide, is BFFs with Madonna and, like most successful musicians who are deep into middle age, Oakenfold has been surrounding himself with plenty of far younger and edgier talent in order to keep himself fresh and abreast of the latest styles. In the case of his current jaunt around the globe (the aptly named Facelift Tour), it means sharing stages with the likes of burgeoning DJ talent U.K. duo NERVO and Amsterdam EDM all-star Chuckie. His latest tourmates are Scottish electro-house hepcat Calvin Harris and English techno terrorist Kenneth Thomas, both of whom were likely wearing footie pajamas when Oakenfold was opening for U2 during their Zooropa tour in 1992.

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english tourmate kenneth thomas? did this seriously make press?! kenneth thomas is from detroit, where he distanced himself from pure detroit "techno" by playing progressive house and trance... I love it how most of the ignorant pop press classifies all electronic music as "techno" while they fail to explore the intricacies of the scene before writing a bunch of babble... Kenneth established himself as a prominent DJ in the local scenes of Detroit and my hometown of Cleveland before he ever was noticed, let alone signed with Oakenfold's Perfecto Records... do some research before you bash musicians that are deserving of the talent they posses. -Jam_III

charles i
charles i

Get your facts strait before you print a story. Kenneth Thomas is not from overseas he is from Detroit, deff, not english.

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