New Times should be ashamed to vilify a person [it has] never met. To stand back and make baseless accusations is ludicrous and malicious.

These law enforcement people risk their lives every day so that we may live in a lawful society. It is loathsome that New Times attempts to maintain its circulation by damning an innocent and decent man. Shame on you!
Name withheld

Signed, Louie's mom: I know Louie personally, and he is American as they come. He would sooner take his own life than create any farce. I, as well as everyone who has ever met Louie, know about his loyalty and duty to country. He is not a liar — he is an American hero.
Name withheld

Fish story of the year: I want to know more about the backpack. Seriously, where was it? If Deputy Puroll was holding a GPS in one hand and a BlackBerry in the other when he was [allegedly] assaulted, he couldn't have been holding the backpack, too.

He wasn't wearing it — there was no blood or damage from the bullet. So if he had just been chasing these smugglers and had his phone out in one hand (since he had been placing calls) and the GPS unit in the other hand (he was giving PCSO dispatch and an off-duty supervisor his coordinates the entire time), when did he have the opportunity to take off his backpack at the [shooting] scene? This story just doesn't add up. The fact that it took place less than a week after Governor Jan Brewer signed 1070 is fishy.
Name withheld

Lies, lies, lies!: Unbelievable! But first, this is yet another great investigative article by Paul Rubin!

Wow, that Deputy Puroll has lied is without question. That there are those within the Pinal County Sheriff's Office who are complicit in this deputy's lies is without question.

And this is the sheriff that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has "appointed" for the investigation into the massive corruption now coming to light in the MCSO ("Indictment Time," September 23). Wow!

Interesting side note: Babeu sent [the bloody T-Shirt in] his lying-deputy case to the Arizona Department of Public Safety for an independent inquiry, yet Arpaio won't [send the DPS] for the MCSO corruption scandal now unfolding.
Name withheld

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Steve W
Steve W

These letter writters are true liberal democrat scumbags. No wonder 2 out of every 3 Americans recently polled identify with conservatives rather than libtards. Calling this man a racist redneck? Really? How predictable is that? Deputy Puroll doesn't even support SB1070. But listen to the dumbass, gullible readers of the New Times how he volunteered to take an AK-47 bullet to the upper body at close range, just to prove that SB1070 is necessary! LMAO!!!! Liberal democrats, and the open borders crowd are turning into the biggest fucking joke in this country!


waite ya ll aint seen nothing yet him and joe fatass 2 snakes in the same barrelthey inforce the law only when it doesnt pretain to them or there deputys. nothing will happen to none of them but they got balls i ll give that .

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