Hump Day

Get it on with the atmosphere at Air Sex Championships

Our friend in black leotard gestured to us, "Where does a horny mime go to get laid in this dust bowl?" We pointed our gloved hand to our vagina and motioned towards the Madcap Theatres which is hosting The World Air Sex Championships.

Popular in cities with a high-freak quotient, this imaginarium of invisible intercourse hosts a lineup of local Lotharios finger-banging, humping, tonguing, and masturbating out of the proverbial box and into the pretend glory hole. Eventually, the winners go for the gold in Austin, Texas, so the competition will be fierce. Two minutes of you, your favorite fuck song, and some acrobatic skills.

As of publication time, they were still looking for participants in the faux-sex shindig.

Sat., Oct. 23, 11 p.m., 2010
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