Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, October 28, 2010


Babeu's stealing infamy from Joe: It just keeps getting deeper in Pinal County ("Pinalcchio," September 23; "The Big Spin," October 7; "Homeland Security Debunks Sheriff Paul Babeu's Claim of Cartel 'Assassins,'" October 15, all by Paul Rubin).

Can you imagine how pissed the old fart from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office must be these days [with] Babeu getting all this press coverage? Goodness, I bet the flaccid fool has bagged an extra wrinkle or two just in the month of October.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

Where's the truth in his words?: We have several different conclusions from several different experts, and none of their unbiased conclusions meets up with the deputy's account of what happened — even though most of [the experts'] conclusions do meet and match the other experts' conclusions on a great number of points.

What is it about the deputy's statements [that makes people] think he is speaking the truth?
Tom Smith, Phoenix

So many questions for the PCSO: This is the most amazing bunch of bunk coming out of everyone on the Pinal County Sheriff's Office staff. They must take the world for a bunch of easily bamboozled rubes.

First of all, what was Deputy Louie Puroll doing the entire morning besides eating his breakfast on the taxpayer's dime? He's completely off anyone's radar until he checks in [during] the early afternoon? What kind of laxly run outfit is the PCSO?

Why would any sane person planning to track and arrest smugglers, sans backup, not wear his provided Kevlar vest? One reason comes immediately to mind: It would certainly make a self-inflicted, grazing torso wound much more difficult.

Would a sane person attempt any of this? Can taxpayers trust these clowns to competently investigate anything?
Teo Bueno, Tucson

"Fool" was by himself in the desert: While [Puroll] probably didn't shoot himself, what was he doing out there alone?
Dennis Gillman, Scottsdale

Babeu's bandit-luring tale's ridiculous: Why should the drug cartels send a team of assassins into the Vekol Valley to lure "bandits" out and kill them? Since when did the drug cartels make bandit-busting their business?

The cartels smuggling drugs already have armed guards accompanying those shipments. In the event they are confronted by opportunistic thieves, they could take action. Running around in large groups with packs, assault rifles, and body armor would only attract the attention of law enforcement, not bandits.

I can't believe anybody at Homeland Security or the PCSO would be stupid enough to take such a story seriously. Maybe that's the point: It's yet another tall tale to excite the rubes for political gain. Why would anyone who had received a confidential tip from Homeland Security broadcast the information in a public news release, if they actually believed it?

This is strictly Boys' Life stuff. Kinderspiel. Next, we'll learn from Sheriff Babeu that a group of Islamic fanatics has tracked down the stolen Eye of the Idol to the Vekol Valley, and that they plan to wreak a terrible vengeance upon the thieves.
Emil Pulsifer, Phoenix

Scrutinize every cop's action: The deputy's account does not match the physical evidence or physics of the shooting.

Evidence from the event was handled improperly; a lawyer was allowed to alter any proper investigation from the beginning. The Sheriff's Office is hiding behind the "ol' blue wall."

Law enforcement officers are not normal citizens; they have been given more power then normal citizens, and they should not be treated as such. Every action they take needs to be scrutinized.
Dennis Quail, city unavailable

Silly Babeu. He thinks Vekol's the border: The Vekol Valley is all that Babeu has. He doesn't have a real border to play with, so he has to make do with that. Poor fellow.

Perhaps he could move to Cochise County and run against fellow wing-nut Larry Deaver. Meantime, the Vekol Valley will have to serve as his pretend border.
Name withheld

"Cartels" running wild just a Babeu ploy: Paul Babeu is not afraid of the cartels; this is just one of his games. Believe me, if the cartels were after him, he would hide in the closet.

God forbid someone would come after his pretty little face. Can't fool everyone, Paul baby.
Name withheld

Can't deny that "big stuff's happening": We have very little idea what happened in that shootout. It may have been that the mules were expecting to be attacked or that the deputy stumbled upon a recon or assassin team.

Look at what happened to the jet-skier in Texas. Dead. Guy investigating his murder? Decapitated. Last week in Tijuana: 16 people murdered and hanged from bridges. Big stuff is happening.
Name withheld

Babeu unravels when publicity ploys derail: It's so sad that those who crave media exposure, Baboon included, become incoherent, incomprehensible, and devoid of logic or common sense when their carefully crafted and scripted publicity scenarios are derailed or questioned.
Name withheld

Why isn't Puroll interrogated by the DPS?: It remains unacceptable that Babeu would not — will not — allow Puroll to be questioned by DPS investigators.

There remain incongruities in Puroll's story. And certainly his boss, who has indicated he's a believer in Puroll's account of what happened on April 30, should want to have those incongruities cleared up to validate Puroll's credibility.
Name withheld

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I have been a long time reader and supporter of the New Times. This week I picked up the latest issue and was disturbed to see that Nash was leaving the suns. However, as I later figured out the entire story was an elaborate hoax. To me the New Times has lost all credibility, and I no longer know if I can trust anything that is printed by this organization. And to think that I was turning to this publication for more information about the local political environment. For all I know everything that has been printed by the New Times is sensationalistic lies. You owe an explanation to your readers.


@name withheld;yes there are big things happening,in you really think that if a "recon or assassin team" would run from 1 cop?they battle it out with the mexican military,so i don't think they would have left this moron alive if they did cross paths.the jet skier,in mexico,people hanged from a bridge-in's not happening here.

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