Bank On It

Back up the truck on this art treasure

Take seven folks from a random pool of Phoenix’s best women artists, and have them show in an urban-lavish space that used to house the First National Bank of Arizona. That has got to be good, right?


Now through December 18, The Vault is hosting “A Closer Look” featuring the work of a baker’s-half-dozen. Some names will be familiar to artgoers, such as painter Rebecca Bergman, photography-based Marilyn Szabo, and mixed-media magician Kate Timmerman (not to mention Linda Ingraham and Carolyn Lavender), but there are also some wood-paneled and landscape paintings by new-ish-bies Candice Eisenfeld and Ann Griffin. It’s only the venue’s third show, but they really outdoes themselves with this lineup.

Sept. 4-Dec. 18, 2010
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