The Decline of Western Civilization, Part IV

With the core of the band comprising Krissberg on guitar and vocals, Lamb on drums, and bassist Stephen Chevalier (who played a borrowed left-handed bass upside down for many of the band's early shows), the trio is often joined by Morden, keyboardist Jason Mollenbrock, and guitarist Christian Reeb. "Christian plays the solos, mostly," Krissberg clarifies, "And Jason co-wrote a song that will be on the upcoming album. It sounds like Supertramp — you'll be able to tell which song it is."

"Christian's first show was the first time he'd ever played with us," Lamb states. "Andy told him, just solo like 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' over this whole song, and he did. That's when I knew he was awesome."

The band's ragged stage show has earned them support slots on some big-name shows, recently opening for the much-hyped Japandroids and Titus Andronicus. The band plan on spending June touring the West Coast, where they have 12 dates lined up.

August should see the release of their debut full-length "exclusively on vinyl," another area where the band are analog purists. "I don't really see the point in them [CDs] with [computers] and vinyl. Vinyl is just so much cooler. You can listen to a record from 40 years ago; you don't listen to a CD from [even] 20 years ago."

Perhaps afraid of sounding too stuck in an era that was over before he was born, Krissberg says that the album will come with a download card. And he's been listening to newer music, too. Well, sort of.

"The only band I've really got into is The Walkmen. The Walkmen are just tops. And The Black Keys, but then again, they're just doing the blues. I think The Soft Pack are pretty good, and all the stuff on In the Red records." In short, bands that don't necessarily sound like "new" bands. Bands with a firm grasp on rock history.

"[Hooves has] been called 'dad rock' before," he grins, sheepishly. "Which is kind of embarrassing, but that's what I listen to — I really like Bruce Springsteen, The Band, and Harry Nilsson. Sure, it's stuff that your parents love, but it's just honest music."

Tue., Nov. 16, 9 p.m., 2010
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