Too bad it's not true: With the way Nash has been playing, I wish [it] were true. Hey, it was a funny idea to do this, since — if ever he were to retire for politics — this would be the perfect time. The team is going nowhere this year.

Glad he laughed this hoax off, though. Made me like him and the Suns a lot more. He's getting old, but he's a class act. And so is the team.

Loved their Los Suns campaign. Way to stand up to the rednecks!! The Suns and New Times have a lot in common. They're both fighting for what's right in this desert.
Name withheld

Bored by the hoax: Another poorly done hoax. You haven't had a good one since humidermy ("Forever Yours," Esteban Sauer, October 28. 2004) or "Arm the Homeless" ("Give Piece a Chance," David Holthouse, April 1, 1999). Yawn.
Name withheld

Jeez, why all the outrage?: I disagree that New Times hasn't had a good hoax since humidermy. I liked the Anna Nicole Smith one ("Tohono O'odham with Love," Charles Tatum, March 8, 2007), in which it was claimed that she had a Native-American love child. Also the Michael Jackson one ("I Killed Jacko," Joseph Rossi, July 9, 2009).

This latest one was pretty good. Believable, since Steve Nash is such a goody-two-shoes. But it's not my favorite.

Yet I've got to say: Why the outrage, folks? It's just satire. Funny, how sensitive people get when one of their sports heroes is focused upon. Guys, sports isn't that all-fired important. Get over it; it's a joke.

Even Steve Nash and the Suns found it humorous. They got it because they're cool. You fools who have gotten your panties in a bunch definitely are not.
Richard Garrity, city unavailable

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