Wax Museum

For once, this melted pigmented was purely intentional

Phoenix has to be the number one city for inadvertently melted calamities via cars in the summertime, including crayons, chocolate, and ChapStick. Being able to salvage anything melted can be futile, which is why we’re blown away by the expertise in wielding melted material in “Fuse: Encaustic Group Exhibition.”

Christopher Jagmin, Lisa Marie Sipe, and Kate Timmerman each have a distinct take on the encaustic painting method of taking melted beewax, adding pigments, and applying it to a surface. In this show, Jagmin uses quite an array of colors of wax in concert with deliberate strokes of oil paint; Sipe’s work favors layers of encaustic, seemingly trusting colorful forms to emerge; and Timmerman deftly displays pigmented wax with mixed media and even some carving.

Nov. 6-18; Nov. 20-30, 2010
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