Map Quest

Caracas, Venezuela-born artist shows her guides to life

Get ready for a literal head-trip.

Starting on Friday, November 19, Saskia Jorda debuts “Cartograms of Memory.” The artist invites you into her world as she puts her own personal life experiences on display by using maps of places she's traveled as models for new shapes and forms that show off her idea of displacement. These include various bits of industrial-strength wool felt connected together, both suspended and on the ground, to convey a sense of Jorda's travels.

"I am interested in the spaces maps invite us to navigate through, the way the eye interprets the set of graphic information displayed, and the emotional versus analytical response maps may evoke," says Jorda.

Besides the massive sculptural installation on display, Jorda's show also features fictional embroidered maps, which Jorda hopes will “create a story of remembrance.”

Fri., Dec. 3, 6-9 p.m., 2010
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