Spiked Jones

See how rad a saguaro can be

A bunch of photos of saguaros. Booooring!


Wrong, friend. Like, super wrong.

The images of the iconic cactus on display at “Arizona Icon” will actually rock your world. We know it's tough to believe, but we'd put money on it. Trace the twisting, writhing arms of these octopus-like cacti and drift off into dreamland as you imagine how long that beautiful, massive thing has been around.

All photos were taken by Arizona artists invited by the Etherton Gallery in Tucson, using a variety of photo processes. Let the 33 photographers show off some of the most amazing, naturally occurring shapes that this bearer of the Arizona state flower (the saguaro cactus blossom) can create.

These unforgettable forms are on display around the clock at the Phoenix Airport Museum, Terminal 4.

Dec. 15-Jan. 30, 2010
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