Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 6, 2010


It's time to do something rational: Your analysis of the state of the illegal immigration problem in the United States was right on ("Return to Sender," Jim Schutze, December 23). It's true that nobody knows what this will look like when — and if — President Barack Obama and his administration ever get off their behinds and do something rational.

It's also true that dingbats like the legislator from Texas are running the show. It used to amaze me that people like her could even get a forum. Not anymore! Not with bigoted [soon-to-be] state Senate president Russell Pearce in charge in our own state. Sad commentary.
Maria Marquez, Phoenix

Shot in the crotch by Pearce and Brewer: Don't [state] Senator Russell Pearce and Governor Jan Brewer know that they've shot us in the crotch with [Arizona Senate Bill] 1070?

They have sold us out, in Pearce's case because of prejudice against Mexicans, and in Brewer's case because of political expediency.

During the worst recession since the Great Depression, they have driven out a huge segment of our economy — and now Brewer's cutting state programs that benefit all of us! Where's the dollars and sense, Governor?
Ted Matthews, Tucson

They'll get theirs: I would like to think that the likes of state Senator Russell Pearce and that old-bitch legislator in Texas would one day get theirs. But I won't live that long.
John Harrison, Sun City

Simple enforcement is the answer: Because you probably feel removed from any negative effect of illegal immigration yourself, your first reaction is compassion toward the dispossessed.

Well and good. Practice this reaction well. You can use it on your grandchildren one day after what was left of U.S. prosperity is capsized by the flood of Third World poverty.

Solving every problem south of the border is simply impossible. Making sure that these problems don't run amok in this country [isn't]. And, yes, simple enforcement is part of the answer.

Try saving some of your compassion for the millions of construction workers, meat packers, and food handlers that illegal immigration has left jobless.

Meanwhile, do you quit trying to enforce the laws against robbery because people keep breaking them?

The driving force behind New Times' series on [the immigration] issue is that people from outside U.S. borders have an inalienable right to become U.S. citizens. That, in fact, this country needs a constant flow of immigrants.

Note to New Times: They don't, and we don't.
Larry Boning, city unavailable

Immigrants contribute more: On average, undocumented immigrants pay disproportionately high taxes and contribute more than they consume.
Kit Carson, Phoenix

Don't panic about Lamar Smith yet: Great piece. Two minor quibbles.

First, there is no Baptist Church in the way that there's a Catholic Church, and your reference to the National Immigration Forum suggests that Baptists generally support path-to-citizenship immigration reform. I'm not sure it's wise to ever attribute any position to Baptists generally.

Second, thank you for shining a light on the wang-brained Lamar Smith. He's been that way for years, but that leads to my second quibble. He's been trying to build a deportation coalition for years and years in Congresses that were more conservative than the incoming House, and he has never succeeded. Certainly we should be aware of him, but I wouldn't panic just yet.
J. Erik Jonsson, city unavailable

Pass the DREAM Act, for heaven's sake: Sorry, but I entertain an extremely low tolerance for bigots, ignorant people, racists, and those unfortunate souls with a chronic lack of common sense. It seems that individuals/organizations opposed to passage of the DREAM Act definitely fit one of the above descriptions.

Frankly, I am sick of hearing the ridiculous debate raging around this proposed legislation. And imagine how sick, anguished, and justifiably angry these young adults must feel, those who would and should benefit from enactment of the proposed legislation.

For they must live their daily lives — through no fault of their own — in mental, emotional, and legal limbo because of their so-called "illegal" immigration status. Actually, I doubt that the label "illegal alien" [fits] for these young adults, and I question the constitutionality of attempting to prosecute [them] under this statute (Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1325).

Does anyone ever remember as a child being uprooted from their home, school, friends, relatives, and familiar environment due to a decision by their parents to relocate?

Give me a break, [Congress], and exercise some not-so-common sense these days. Pass the DREAM Act, for heaven's sake! And do so with a sane, logical, rational piece of legislation. No unduly restrictive or harsh requirements for qualification.
John A. Adkisson, Goodyear

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Ron Maty
Ron Maty

Do your fine readers realize that the State of Missouri has had the basic prvisions of our SB1070 on the books starting in 2007? Google"neprimer nita jane ayres" to see the text of legislation that does the following. 2007: English is the official language in Missouri (90% voter approval); 2008: Highway Patrol ask anyone arrested about their immigration status and inform federal officials, allow officers to receive US immigration law enforcement training and no taxpayer benefits (food stamps, health care, etc) allowed to illegal immigrants; 2009: no financial aid to illegal immigrants in colleges in MO. Why hasn't Obama sued Missouri in federal court over these blatant violations of immigrants' "rights"? I guess AZ made the mistake of trying to accomplish all this in just one bill.


to john,that sounds real nice, but your not looking at the whole picture. we can't do that... it would be rewarding people for breaking the law. as children i know they did not make the decision to break the law but once they become young adults, well now it is their decision. i know many mexicans who came here as children (illegally) and once they graduated from high school started the process to become legal. they didn't get kicked out, they applied, paid what was needed and waited, now they are here legally. not so hard, just the right way to do it. so if we just give citizenship away, it would insult EVERY ONE WHO DID IT THE RIGHT WAY. That wouldn't be a good thing to do.


Why don't you guys do a Feather Bastard series on local police officers who drive drunk and otherwise get arrested for the same crime violations they enforce on citizens? You could start with Ofc. J. Zycowics (sic) who was arrested for Extreme DUI by Scottsdale PD over the holidays. Why not put heat on the Chandler PD Chief to fire this mouthbreather and get a cop with integrity so us tax payers get our monies worth. This monkey in blue will be ridin the pine for at least a year until he can actually perform the duties of a police offficer again--not to mention what lousy decision process this tool has and he is enforcing laws on us....Or how about a series on Chief's of Police that fail to hold their Officers accountable for their Criminal Actions. Something wrong here.

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