Not all Kershisnik's paintings are literally wordy, which isn't to say they're completely textless. Those flat looks between and among his human subjects seem to bounce around the gallery space. It's like that shifty-eyed George Washington portrait in the Smithsonian that follows you no matter where you stand or what you look at. Only Kershisnik's subjects are communicating across canvases, not so much asking of each other, "What's your story?" as exchanging intimate, knowing nods.

Sisters by Brian Kershisnik
Courtesy of the artist
Sisters by Brian Kershisnik

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Mesa Contemporary Arts

1 E. Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85211

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Mesa


"NICE WORDS" by Brian Kershisnik will run through February 27 at Mesa Contemporary Arts, 1 E. Main St. in Mesa. Admission is $3.50 (free on SRP Thursdays). Open daily, but call 480-644-6560 or visit, because hours vary.

Kershisnik paints the nice words and invites us, politely, even shyly, into the conversation.

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