Twilight Zone

Abductees and wannabes gather on the rez to gamble and grumble

Have you been taken home by aliens more than you have by humans? Do you find yourself wishing you could stare into the cosmos each night if you weren’t still living in your parents’ basement? Do you give a crap about crop circles? If so, then you just might be in the right galaxy.

The International UFO Congress is coming to Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Casino. It’s no secret that the Phoenix area is a hotbed of alien activity so conspiracy theorists and abduction aficionados will descend upon Fort McDowell to wax E.T. poetic and ravage the slot machines at the speed of light. The five-day seminar is packed with “star-studded” speakers; many of whom, though light years removed from earthling intimacy, claim to have had up-close-and-personal encounters with non-earthlings.

Feb. 23-27, 2011
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