One last thing before we begin canna butter 101: Save your stems! Keep them in a jar! They contain a shit-ton of THC — unless you are smoking shwag, and if you are, please discard. Once you have filled up a nice-size jar, use that in your butter instead of your precious buds.

Things you will need:

• Heavy-bottom saucepan,

Canna from Heaven?: The better butter may ease some suffering.
Canna from Heaven?: The better butter may ease some suffering.

• Rubber spatula (do not use wood, or you may lose some THC to the spoon),

• 1 stick of unsalted butter,

• 3.5 grams (for most, an eighth of) kind bud, medicinal,

• Cheesecloth (found in the baking aisle of most supermarkets),

• Shallow, wide bowl,

• Plastic bag,

• Timer,

• Grinder (do not grind your weed in the same grinder as you do your coffee, unless you have removed all the oils and it's spotless).

1. Slowly melt the butter into the pan. Remember to keep on the lowest setting. Use a double boiler if you want to be extra cautious about potentially burning the butter. 2. Grind your marijuana 3. After the butter has melted, pour in the marijuana. 4. Stir every 15 minutes for about an hour and 30 minutes or an hour and 45 minutes. 5. Before you remove from heat, set up your bowl, covering it with two cheesecloth layers.

6. If you have a friend hanging out, get them to hold the cheesecloth, while you pour into it, over the bowl. Be careful, the canna butter is hot! If you are all alone, use a rubber band to secure the cheesecloth to the bowl. 7. Take a plastic bag, preferably a turkey bag, and wrap it around the cheesecloth and wring out all the butter into the bowl. Twist and squeeze until not a single drop flows through. Scrape any excess from the plastic into the bowl. 8. Let sit, cool, and form, then wrap with plastic wrap and keep it refrigerated. You may also freeze it if you don't plan on using it soon or often.

Tips: Avoid swirling the butter to keep it from sticking to the sides and burning.

Notice the changes in color of the butter as you stir every 15 minutes.

Put your face down and smell it. You should be able to smell the butter and earthiness of the weed. It should begin to smell nutty; beware the burnt-popcorn smell.

If you can refrain from using it — as hard as that may be — save your concoction for my series of posts on Chow Bella, where I will give you some recipes to use with that butter. Although, if you want a small taste, spread some inside a warm croissant with some strawberry habanero jelly or toast with peanut butter or a cracker with cheese.

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Can someone tell me how to subscribe to this blog? I only see an option to subscribe to comment thread.


I love the new blog and educating people about the benefits of medical marijuana, which far outweighs the risks, in my opinion. I was just talking to my doctor about it yesterday and she said she doesn't prescribe it because of all its side effects and there is better medication to help with pain. I strongly disagreed with her. I'm sure she has never suffered debilitating pain and no matter what drug was prescribed, nothing worked. Until medical marijuana came along (ok, even before). My grandfather was dying of cancer in 1982 and was a heavy smoker. My sister and I found an orderly at the hospital where he was and asked him to get us some pot. It was a sight to see my old Russian born grandpa smoking a joint - but it so helped him with his pain and nausea and gave him a better appetite.

For those of you out there who are against it, please know there are so many ill people out there who will benefit from this new law in AZ.

I.M. Boggled
I.M. Boggled

I pour the still very, very hot strained boiled canna butter batch into another heat proof container and wait for the soon to be clarified butter solidified cap to letting the batch thoroughly cool down in a cold fridge where it forms as its fat content floats up to be on top of the water where it eventually forms a solidified fat/Butter cap.

After butter cap completely solidifies, dump the remaining water. ( I like to add an equal volume of good water to the butter sticks when initially simmering. :-) )

I then proceed to "wash the butter" by putting the first run cannabutter back in the pot with some more fresh clean water (the more the merrier up to a point ;-) ) and then proceed to bring to a simmer for another 30 minutes or so and then repeat yet again (if desired and it is desirable) until your butter no longer looks or smells like raw green cannabis.Of course, all the extra chilling and "butter washing" steps are only necessary if you want to remove as much of the smell/flavor as possible, which I find results in a highly desirable end product.Thanks for the recipes Polly, they sure sound delicious.

Sharing Is Caring.IMB :)


this blog is a great idea and it nice to see something educational associated with brouhaha surrounding the new law.

However I must say this first post is not really a helpful article for those who haven't done this before.Since temperature is everything in this situation it would be great to include recommended temps and also to explain to the non culinarily - inclined what a double boiler is (or how to make one with some pots or jars that may be laying around)

I wish you great luck with this series. I do hope the entries won't be carelessly conceived so as to help avoid the series devolving into another one of the many hippie-idiocy blogs which copy recipes and methodologies without comment as to their reasoning and which often make awful suggestions. Worse still is the expectation to be disappointed with the typical sub par efforts that PHX is all too often known for. I hope that expectation is not met.

The time is coming when mj cooking will become as serious an artform as wine, craft beer, coffee or tea(it already is an Colorado and California) and this blog represents an opportunity to be part of that rather than more noise on the internet from an uninformed source.

I do also hope you will consider kitchen chemistry carefully when discussing these recipes.

A few things that come to mind:

"grind you marijuana" is totally ambiguous. No coffee blog worth its weight in beans would get away with that. How fine, how long..WHATS IF THE GRINDER GETS HOT? Please consider these and revise.

Also, plastic for example is NOT a good idea for many kind recipes...not to mention for human health in general

Discussions of the use of freezer vs refrigerator for storage and types of containers is of value.

Mentioning the chemical reactions of combinations (especially such as chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, nutmeg, and critic acid all of which often rear their heads in kind recipes) would be helpful.

These's much much more. I look forward to reading a world class blog helpful to our newly available options.

Good luck


Medicine used marijuana in many cases as an alternative but not help due to side effects. All medicine causes severe damage in the metabolism of the people and then become addicted by different circumstances. A few months ago I read an article at Findrxonline indicating that marijuana has a bad use for the same reason that derives from an opioid.


Thank for this article, and your step by step guideline for better butter. It is so important that we educate our patient's about the different delivery methods of medical cannabis. I do have one question for you though. Most butter, tinctures, etc are made with the leaf part of the plant, not the bud as your article indicated. Are you using all bud, and stems? What then are you doing to utilize the high CBD and THC content in the leaves?


a story about better butter. betty botter bought a bit of butter for her batter. but, she said, this butter is bitter. so she went and bought a bit of better butter for her batter/


Thanks for sharing. I love your article and would love to hear more. I look forward to reading more blogs.

Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

Marijuana is the safest drug with actual benefits for the user as opposed to alcohol which is dangerous, causes addiction, birth defects, and affects literally every organ in the body. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot... Drop in and let me know what you think!