Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 24, 2011


Why can't feds get these guys?: How can [State Bar of Arizona independent counsel] John Gleason come up with an incredibly detailed and well-documented 33-count complaint against former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and deputy county attorneys Rachel Alexander and Lisa Aubuchon that fully implicates Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his chief deputy, David Hendershott, after just three months — but U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke can't pull anything out of his arse after two years of investigation ("Salting Leeches," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, February 10)?

Hendershott, you need medical attention, because you are morbidly obese and because you are about to be indicted.

Aubuchon, you can't start a law practice, because you're a horrible lawyer. Look at your track record at the county. You lost every major case you tried.

Thomas, you talk about all this corruption — but you have yet to produce one shred of evidence. How sad to go to Harvard Law School and end up — disbarred!
Chad Snow, Peoria

Call 'em county dirtbags: Your headline says "Salting Leeches." How about just calling them what they are: County dirtbags?
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Joe's a hero: Everyone should be so lucky as to have Sheriff Joe. He is the only one enforcing the law.
Nancy Biggs, Phoenix

Put the fat losers in jail: These fucking fat-ass losers should be in jail, not asking the taxpayers for a buyout! Who the fuck do these obese (except for Thomas; he's just a flake), disgusting people think they are?
Ernie Lopez, Phoenix

Serial/criminal stupidity: On the criminal side, we have serial criminals. On the county side, we have serial stupids. The whole Joe Arpaio coterie consists of serial/criminal stupids.

Now they are asking to be paid for serial/criminal stupidity. Not going to happen.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

Joe is saving us from becoming Third World: I was a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Out of 600,000 students, only 10 percent were Anglo. Most middle and high schools in Los Angeles are 90 percent Mexican, the result of unbridled illegal immigration.

Joe Arpaio is the only thing standing between Arizona becoming like Los Angeles has become. You want to send your children to private schools, have your cars stolen, shop in grocery stores where you are the only Caucasian? Then get rid of Big Joe and join the rest of us in the Third World.
Michael Calder, Los Angeles

Joe is in the crime-manufacturing business: Joe and his buddies have cost us more than a ton of money; they have left in their wake a demoralized justice system that will never [recover] — unless drastic measures are implemented to circumvent the corruption and misguided priorities.

The millions of dollars Joe has made while in office aren't merely at the taxpayers' [financial] expense, but at the expense of our rights and freedom.

Joe is not in the law enforcement business; he is in the crime-manufacturing business.
J.J. Maker, city unavailable

Creative punishments for Hendy, et al.: I think there should be a settlement on the following terms: Hendershott should be put in a cave along one of the drug routes in Pinal County. Sheriff Paul Babeu can keep an eye on him. Aubuchon should just disappear.

Thomas should be given a job at the counter at McDonald's, where he can personally check the quality of each meal served to sheriff's deputies ("Joe Arpaio Makes Eating at McDonald's Risky Business," Valley Fever blog, February 4). Oops, on second thought, that won't work, because Thomas will claim he's being mistreated by McDonald's executives.
Name withheld

We've been had: The Thomas/Aubuchon/Arpaio culture represents what's so very wrong with Arizona. Wake up, people. We've been had. The lawyers and these tyrants are taking our hard-earned money.
Name withheld

Joe's entire office needs an overhaul: This notice of claim filed by Candy Andy, Aubuchon, and Hendy show how mentally unstable all three are.

Hendy cries that he can't sleep at night. Gee, wonder why? Maybe it's because he took a hard look at himself in the mirror and realized that he'd abused taxpayers' trust and his enormous police power.
Name withheld

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Mr. Calder:

Where did you get the idea that "caucasion" is a unifying genetic trait for ANY cultural or ethnic group? You must be a science teacher - and a bad one at that.

The fact is that caucasion is a term that was invented in the 1800s. It was based on ignorance of the genetic source of the geographical source of human development on this planet, Africa. In fact, Lewontin's 1972 claim that 8% of human genetic variability can be correlated to race has led to the concensus in the scientific community to follow Lewontin's verdict that race is biologically a meaningless concept.

Get over yourself - White priviledge was wrong then and it's wrong now. You need to learn how to get along with your neighbors - you know: Do unto them as you would have them do unto you.

Ms Info
Ms Info

Chad, it's not all that surprising that Dennis Burke hasn't acted after two years of investigation into painfully obvious criminal activity. Burke was Janet Napolitano's aide when she was U.S. Attorney and made that deal with Arpaio where he avoided prosecution back in the late 90s.

Those people go along to get along. They think of their career first and the citizens of this state ... never.


Caucasian refers to the inhabitants of the Caucasus region pf south-western Asia,not white Europeans.It must have been sad to have that guy as a teacher...

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