"Music is a great form of expression. It helps you get in touch with yourself. When I hear a new band of women, I feel really connected to them, and I feel really strong connection, and I feel like we're both working toward one thing, and it gives me a feeling of hope," she says.

With the single in tow, the band hit the road in December, playing venues, house shows, and record stores in Flagstaff, L.A., Oakland, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Albuquerque before making a treacherous 10-hour drive to Tempe for a unique show, the closing of Valley mainstay Eastside Records.

"All of the roads in northern Arizona were closed, snowed in," Philipp says. "So we had to drive down New Mexico, and across Arizona, still through a ton of snow."

Vegetable: Only a few months into their career, they had the honor of playing Eastside Records' last show.
Courtesy of Vegetable
Vegetable: Only a few months into their career, they had the honor of playing Eastside Records' last show.

Location Info


Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Central Phoenix


Vegetable is scheduled to perform Monday, March 7, at The Trunk Space.

The show was a personal one for the band, says Philipp.

"Michael [Pawlicki, of Eastside] told me Sun City Girls were the first band to play Eastside, and Vegetable was the last, and that he was glad it was that way. I teared up. I had to run away from him, because that was such an intense thing. I never thought one of my bands would be closing Eastside. It was really crazy and honorable — we were some of the last people in there."

Philipp says it sucks to see bongs in the window of the former record store, but the loss has reinforced her resolve to create at such a rapid pace with Vegetable.

"Other cities have their co-ops and record stores, and it's sad in a way that we don't have access to those kinds of establishments, but it also makes us work a lot harder. What's going on here strictly relies on us, and makes us work really hard to get [those things done.] I feel it's a lot more rewarding to be a part of this."

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Martin Cizmar

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